The year of seasonal living.

I’ve always had a fairly simplistic approach to life. I, like most have a dream, my dream is to build a big beautiful house (New England/ranch style) out in the middle of nowhere, to have a flock of hens, maybe a couple of pigs, probably a goat… a library, a vegetable patch I can tend to all summer long, a beautiful kitchen to prepare wholeosme meals. Its all very simple. And whilst I can’t do anything about the house building part just yet – other than day dream – I can start on all the other stuff.

Back in July last year we got our first chickens, three beautiful girls who give us the freshest eggs possible every day. They’re such a dream to have (not including the current Avian flu outbreak thats left my girls on lock down since the beginning of December) very easy to look after and the rewards are really the tastiest rewards ever – Boiled eggs & soldiers on a drizzly winters morning. Is there anything more cosy?!


Last year was a turning point for me, I’ve always had a certain wildness, one that has caused me a fair bit of trouble as a young un’, but as I’ve got older, I’ve learnt to channel that wildness, 2015/2016 were the years I started listening to my body more, I realised just how much balance and mental clarity having a good diet and regular exercise gave me. It was over this last year I also started to notice the seasons a bit more, though having developed an obsession with taking my camera everywhere, had an awful lot to do with that.   All this combined created an interest, something I’ve spent a fair few hours researching, Pinterest-ing, reading about and trying to better understand.  By the end of 2016, I was eager to get started on this years big plans.

To spend the year living seasonally.


I’m not being strict about all this, it isn’t some religious thing I must live by every single day, For me, this includes eating more locally produced -in season food. Growing my own – or at least trying too. Spending more time outdoors, making it a priority to surround myself with the natural life and embracing the calm it brings. I want to spend winters evenings snuggled up early with candles, books and tea, I want to live an entire Summers day out in the woods, staying out long enough to see the sun-set instead of rushing home to get the kids settled. I want celebrate the individuality of each season, the weather it brings, the food it brings and the way you live because of it.

It might all sound a little bit hippy dippy, but the simple life really does appeal to me more than any other way. Its something that already in-built, its just now I’d like to make a little more of an effort acknowledging it.



So, this year I’ve devised a plan of action and at the end of each month I’ll keep you all updated with a blog post. Beginning with my first post at the end of January.



I hope you’ll join me in a little Seasonal living.


The little woman pretends.

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