A week of Lean in 15.

The headline might be slightly misleading, I enjoy carbs. A life without bread and cheese, isn’t one I want to be a part of. But I have been putting in a whole load of effort in at the gym recently and so I wanted to maybe cut down on those foods that are preventing me from seeing results. Breakfast and lunch most days are the same, porridge, peanut butter on toast, poached/boiled eggs. And I’m not really much of an eater during the day. The evening however is a whole other story.  Dinner is usually whatever I can A) be bothered making and B) hits the spot for whatever craving I’m having. And once the kids are in bed, the chocolate drawer is always raided.

If you haven’t heard of ‘The boy coach’ yet (where on earth have you been?!) he’s the guy that has hair like John snow & throws his food into pots and pans in his videos. The title of the book describes pretty blatantly what it does. For me the point of trying a week of lean in 15, was to healthy up our evening meal, thats the problem meal for me. I wanted something packed with veg, something that would sustain us all through the rest of the evening and something that would skip those bloaty carbs. I didn’t stick completely to ‘The body coach’ s recipes, with two young children, its important for them to have carbs, so for example On Monday, with Beef stroganoff… I added rice. Steamed new potatoes added on Thursday. Ect. Nothing too bad and not too much.



So, here’s how it went:


Monday: Beef Stroganoff. 

This, I think, is my favourite recipe of the week. Its quick – not 15 minutes quick though – its easy to make and tastes SO good. There aren’t too many ingredients and everything can be found in any supermarket. Big thumbs up from the rest of the family and  actually, this recipe is something I’m going to continue making.



Tuesday: Chicken BBQ wraps. 

Easy to make, very easy to make. I grilled my chicken on the George foreman for a ‘lil extra healthiness, the BBQ sauce turned out great, and again not expensive for ingredients –  although I didn’t add the black eyes peas. Overall, I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t horrible, I was starving so I still ate it. But it just didn’t satisfy me at all. Big thumbs up from everyone else though.



Wednesday: Pasta meatballs. 

Loved this! Turkey meatballs are the future! I didn’t use fresh tagliatelle, I didn’t have the time, ‘nor the energy to make up some fresh pasta – so Asda dried pasta had to do. Regardless, it was lovely and the extra boost of goodness from the spinach mixed in went down really well with the girls who don’t usually touch it. The only thing I would add, is around 150ml of beef stock for an extra boost of flavour. I know it probably ‘un-leans’ it slightly, but turkey meatballs instead of fatty beef balances it out. *I did add a sprinkle of parmesan, I love Italian food too much to not add some. only a little teeny tiny bit though*



Thursday: Oaty chicken. 

This was actually the first ‘Body coach’ recipe I spotted, it had fab reviews – as did the rest of the book- So I had high hopes. My honest opinion? I didnt like it, but this could have been partly my fault. I didnt flatten the chicken breast enough so it cooked the outside WAY quicker than the inside, I had to finish it off in the oven. However, I followed the rest of the instructions perfectly and it just didnt work for me, the oaty crust was so dry. I added a side of seasoned new potatoes and peas, but it actually needed some sort of sauce. I wouldn’t make it again.



Friday: Joe’s sweet potato cottage pie. 

I picked this as one of my recipes, because it isn’t that much different to the cottage pie I usually make, but I was intrigued by the additional vegetables packed in. Sam *hates* courgette. He had no idea how much was packed in to his dinner, the girls ate all of it too.  Massive success, although it really was missing a side of fresh yorkshire puddings.



Saturday: Lamb Koftas

I love greek food, absolutely love it. I was more than surprised with these, super easy to make and SO delicious. I grilled mine on the George foreman, they only take about 5 minutes (or less) that way. I paired them with Mediterranean rice, salad, feta and wholegrain pittas – The original recipe only had a greek side salad and after a busy day that really wasn’t enough for us all. But it was really nice, filling, and not difficult to make up. One of my new, super quick go to meals.



Sunday – (Actually switched this to Monday, Sundays are for roast dinners): Sweet potato with chilli.

Jacket potato topped with Chilli is one of the ultimates in comfort food. I wasn’t optimistic about switching the normal white fluffy potatoes, for sweet potato. Or switching the sour cream for plain yoghurt… and NO CHEESE! Anyway I gave it a shot and actually, it was delicious! It stuffed me, was really easy to whip up and it the chilli was so good. The only change for next time I make it?  Cheese. Always need cheese on chilli.



So, one whole week of the body coach’s ‘Lean in 15’ meals. Overall thoughts? I loved them! Well not all of them, but most of the recipes I’ve tried are fantastic, healthier alternative to what I would make anyway, no crap, just clean, nutritious, flavour filled home cooking. Three that really stood out for me was the stroganoff, Lamb koftas and the sweet potato with chilli. No packet or jar sauces, no standing over the hob for hours, quick, simple, but super tasty. Those will be making a regular appearance at our dinner table. And if your keen to have a try, those would be the ones I’d recommend. Its a fantastic recipe book, unfortunately finding his recipes online without signing up to something is a bit of a pain, but there are a ton of recipes in this book, desserts, snacks, the whole lot so it is worth the £7.




The little woman pretends.


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