Valentines special: Triple chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I’m not really into the whole valentines thing. We dont really celebrate it, not for any reason, I’m just not a massive affectionate person – though for the past few years Sam has done little valentine things – bought me roses and chocolates, that sort of thing. anything to try and coax the valentines out of me… though actually its probably because he’s not sure when I say “I’m just not really into the whole valentines thing” wether I mean I, or if I’m doing that girl thing where we say one thing but then expect he’ll read our minds and surprise us anyway. Ha ha.

I can confirm, I’m not doing that, I genuinely just am not bothered about it. Anyway, what we do instead is do little lovely things with the girls. Last week they had a valentines disco at school which was so lovely. Mischa’s admirer brought her flowers, chocolate and a teddy – for the second year in row. ADORABLE! Izzy, went dressed as bat – girl, and was SO excited to meet her best mate there and have a little boogie.

Anyway, so other than that, valentines wise, this week we did some valentines baking! In the form of these truly scrumptious Triple chocolate chip cookies.

They’re buttery and have that crunchy first bite, before going in to have much more chewy centre, but most importantly they’re jam packed full of the good stuff! Chocolate.



So, if you wanna’ have a go at making some up with the kids this half term, here’s what you’ll need:


115g unsalted butter, softened.

165g caster sugar.

1 egg.

1tsp vanilla extract,

150g plain flour,

25g cocoa powder

1/2tsp salt,

1tsp baking powder,

1 small bag white chocolate drops (roughly 70g)

1 bag of dark chocolate drops.



And here’s how to make them….


First, combine your softened butter and sugar. giving it all a good whisk up.

Next, add your egg and vanilla, I did originally plan to make these as red velvet, so added one teaspoon of red food colouring, but its its not really done much, so I’ll continue to call them triple chocolate cookies instead of Red velvet chocolate chip cookies…

Anyway, got away with myself there! Next add all of your dry ingredients, again giving it a good whisk up.

And finally pour in your chocolate chips. icing one final mix up.


Now when it comes to cookies, I have a little trick up my sleeve, and its all thanks to one of my favourite TV chefs Ina Garten. Ina swears by this when making cookies, and I absolutely agree, its mess free and means each of your cookies end up looking all lovely and uniform. I also did it back in my simple chocolate chip cookie recipe. Lay a sheet of baking paper out, and spoon your cookie mixture in a line down the centre. Roll your paper, wrapping it around your dough, giving a little gentle pressure to form into a more circular shape. Twist the ends of your paper and pop your dough roll into the freezer for at least 2 hours.

This is a brilliant tip for many reasons, but one of the great things is that you can make freshly baked cookies whenever you fancy, simply slice of a disk and pop it in the oven. Fuss free but fancy!

When it comes to baking pop on a sem-high shelf, at around 190dg (I use a fan oven) for around 10-12 minutes.

Your cookies will be soft to touch – as well as hot so be careful! but leave them for 10 minutes to Harden up a little before you move them.

Leave to cool fully, up eat whilst still warm. either way they’re delicious!



Or even better, serve with a side of milk and enjoy as a little treat with someone you really love!



Happy Valentines day! (eve… seen as its actually tommorow!)








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