Tweed wallpaper – A quick and easy makeover.

Late last year if you can remember that far back, I started to spruce up the dining side of the kitchen, Everything came along lovely…


But… I made a rookie mistake. The lines of the lining paper above the new pannelling really bugged me, so before I gave it a fresh lick of paint, I filled in those lines with builders caulk. Please, I beg, if you’re thinking of doing this…. DONT! It filled in the lines alright, but it left patches going all the way down, each and every piece. I tried sanding it back, re-painting, re-paint again (x3) and no matter what I did, those patches just kept seeping on through.


I left it, trying to ignore it. But it just became this irritating thing that I noticed every day. Because of the wall colour, it looked like the walls had been plastered and just left bare.


So, I set about finding something to cover it. The grey was okay, but ideally I wanted something a little less plain, Something homely and cosy but still quite modern. I found the most gorgeous wallpaper In the form of this textured tweed paper from inspired wallpapers. I knew instantly it was ‘the one’, which is a real achievement for me, I once spent 12 whole months trying to find the perfect wallpaper for the living room… and I didn’t even really like the one I ended up choosing that much.

It actually looks and feels like a tweed fabric. It was clean and simple but still so gorgeously fancy. Ordering was as simple as any avid online shopper knows it to be, and Inspired wallpaper have a cool little “how much will I need” calculator on their site. Though I already knew how much I needed, so I didn’t really need to use it.


After waiting the whole of two days for delivery (Yes it really was that quick!) I could get started on getting it up. Really, I didn’t have to strip off the original lining paper, it was only thin, but I didn’t want one single flaw underneath the new stuff, so I got it all stripped off –  and it didn’t take too long really- using the steamer/scraper method.


Once, all that old paper was off (have you seen those gorgeous brown walls?! Ha) It was time to pop up the new stuff. I have to admit here, my height is really an issue when it comes to putting up wallpaper, I just get tangled in a a sticky wallpaper/paste mess. So obviously I just delegated this job to Sam.


All in all it took about 35 minutes to get that paper up and the best thing ever was that even though it was patterned, the tweed was so small and repetitive, it matched up so easily, every single time.


Once it was up, I left it to dry overnight before trimming off any excess and stepping back to admire the beauty of line free walls.


and then I could put all my pretty things back.


I replaced the photos in the large frames (which I actually picked up from the carboot a couple of years ago for £4 – bargain!) with some of my own photography of our Beacon fell trip earlier on in the month. And, I brought down the moose head from the office and placed him up in his new home. I like the “woodland” vibe its giving off but without being overly themed. I’m not big on themed rooms.


And so that was that!


Before and afters?


It really does make the world of difference, the texture can’t really be appreciated fully in photo form, but even though its very subtle, it really has made the room look so much more stylish.

I’ve STILL not completely finished with that area, I’m still trying to find an over the table light (Those Ikea ones, lovely and cheap as they were, only went up as a trial, I really don’t like how fussy it is having three lights over such a small table, or the fact that they JUST. WONT. HANG. STRAIGHT!) And I’ve still got to get some coving up to really give the walls that final finishing touch. Maybe then I’l be happy with it…. probably.


So what DIY jobs have you been getting on with this month?


The little woman pretends.

*Massive thank you to Inspired wallpaper for supplying me with the loveliest of paper for my makeover! You can find the Crown cotton tweed wallpaper I used here – I went for Soft grey, but they also have it in Hessian, Buttermilk, Stone and Duck egg.*

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