Ticking my way through the to do list.

The living room was never actually the worst room in the house, but it seems to be the room that has had the most work put in, especially over the past few months. I realised though, that i’ve never actually put up any before and afters of the lounge, or any other room in the house. So I thought I’d start today. This week I ticked off another ‘to-do’ on that big ‘ol list of mine. wall art above the sofa.



I really wanted some massive frames filled with something beautiful, but because I’m so ridiculously fussy and a complete cheapskate, I couldn’t find anything good enough, mainly though because it was going to be such a massive piece I couldn’t find anything perfect enough to be blown up so big. Anyway, so I went back to basics, deciding to just get that gallery wall put back up. Before we started work on the TV unit, the frames sat on the back wall.

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I originally didn’t want it put back up after all the re-decorating, because I thought it looked way to busy, turns out I just didn’t like the black frames, soo… cheap and easy way to change it all? I sprayed them white – apart from three which I thought would look fab in a metallic gold-. I spent a good few hours replacing photographs, and then I copied the exact same layout as before and got them all up.

As much as I did want a big piece of art up there (and maybe I still will, once i’ve found ‘the one’) I love the big injection of our family personality that the photographs have given to the room. It is after all, a family home.




So, now that I finished that job, its all looking a little bit more finished. As I said earlier I haven’t yet shared any before and afters. We moved in here in Nov 2013 after spending a month decorating as much as we could. I’ve searched high and low for some photographs, they aren’t at all the best quality… but they give you an idea of what we started with.








Still left to do in the living room:

  • Fit magnet catch -ers to the TV unit doors.
  • Replace the skirting board. (Fit, calk and paint them)
  • Replace the door frames. (Same as above.)
  • Repaint both doors.
  • Fit new plate over high plug socket near the sofa.
  • Make/Buy radiator cover. – We haven’t decided yet, our radiators are ridiculously high, so ‘standard’ covers don’t fit.
  • Make/buy cushions for the sofa – It already holds 11, but it just isn’t enough! I NEED MORE!
  • Find something to go on both the bottom shelves of the TV unit.
  • Replace back door. (This is a way way down the line project for when we actually own the house *still in deposit saving phase*)


Thats quite a list, but you know how much I love a good project!



Te little woman pretends.

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