The Craft room re-dec.

I was supposed to get this post up weeks ago, but then I kept buying little bits and bats to add to the room, I was putting it off until everything was finished. Then I realised this would be an ongoing project, I don’t think it will ever be finished.  If I don’t show you now, you’ll never see it.

My craft room was originally Izzy’s nursery. But then late last year, we decided to move the girls into the bigger room together, and so we were left with a spare room. After hours of debating, Sam wanted it for his workspace – which consists of a computer on a  desk- and I wanted a half craft room, half play room.  I won (obviously) and after what seemed like an eternity cleaning out junk, I set up my little area.

old sewing room


It was all a little bit pink, and honestly deciding to share my sewing room with the kids toys was the most ridiculous idea i’ve ever had. I couldn’t focus on anything for longer than 20 seconds without telling them to put down the pot of pins, or get chocolate hands off my pretty fabric. It was completely counter productive. Finally after one particular day of having every scrap of fabric I owned, pulled from off the shelves and scattered across the floor. Mischa & myself sat down, went through all her old toys, got rid of anything broken, donated anything she didn’t want (which wasn’t much) and cleared that room out ready to make it mine.

I toyed with idea of just using a cupboard to store my things and giving the kids the full room, but they have a bedroom and at least three large baskets downstairs for their toys, it would just be another room for me to clean once they’ve trashed it… Also, I really wanted a craft room… Soz kids.

I stood in the empty room for ten minutes here and there, figuring out what sort of vibe I wanted my creative space to have. The rest of my house is very light & airy, a cosy family home. My room however had to reflect me and my mind, a place to inspire my creativeness. I jumped on Pinterest (As I always do) and found myself being pulled towards rooms filled with emotion, dark, moody, calming spaces that had a lot of personality, a place I could write through the night in and never be short of inspiration.


Obviously with quite a small space & little funds, I was limited to what i could actually achieve in there. Nether the less I followed my thoughts, got out my paintbrush and gave those pink stripes a lick of paint. I repainted the machine desk, fitted in a desk for me to write. I hung some new curtains and bought a few bits from the car boot – The lamp & the side table, some frames and other bits- and started to put it all together.

It still needs a lot of work. I want to replace the fabric shelves with something thinner and taller to slip in-between the sewing desk & the wall. I want to fit a bookcase along the wall where the lamp is for all my books and other pretty bits. And I’m toying with either a small sofa bed for when guests staying over, or keeping with the ‘Its my room’ theme and just finding a beautiful Queen Anne wingback arm chair to re-upholster.











Life has been hectic for the past five weeks, I’ve been helping a family member deal with some pretty heavy stuff, so I haven’t spent as much time in here as I would have liked. But everything is settling down a little bit now, I’m looking forward to the many days I spend in here sewing up pretty things, working on blog posts and the long nights nestled under the soft light, sipping tea and writing.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.


The little woman pretends.



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