Support Small Saturday – The coven of stitches (part one)

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I’m back for another Support small after a little break. I’m so so so pleased to showcase the fabulous The coven of stitches today, I just know you’ll love what they do.



The coven of stitches is run as a partnership from mum and daughter team Sarah & Leilah. Together the two have created a such a magical business.




I first came across The coven of stitches last year, I was – and still am in complete Awe of their work. Started in 2013, TCOS is a completely original concept, creating whimsical accessories for your little ones. From their trademark fairy wings to crowns, wands and everything in-between.


I have been lucky enough to grab a few moments out of their busy schedule to interview them, heres what they had to say.

Hi Sarah & Leilah, thanks for being a part of support small. I’ve got so much I want to ask, but first what gave you both the courage to jump in and start your own business?
We are a mum and daughter team both with little ones too! There has always been lots of sewing and making in the house and Leilah has grown up with Sarah making dolls, dressup clothing and a variety of crafts, plus having a Steiner education definately encouraged creativity. We gave a pair of Strawberry wings to one of our childrens friends for her birthday and after the response we had which included requests from other mums for pairs we decided to give the business a go.

You run your business as a partnership. how does that work? who does what?

We are very good friends as well as mum and daughter, we do seem to have our fave makes, Sarah is the tutu lady and Leilah is the crown maker though not exclusively. All our other designs are shared between us, at the moment Sarah does most of the admin as Leilah has little 10 month old Roma to attend to. It works.

Your wings are just beyond beautiful, roughly how many hours does it take to make a set?

Our wings are our most time consuming make we can usually finish a pair between school drop off and collection- roughly 4 hours this depends on the detail and design. The designing is another very much enjoyable process which can take minutes or days!

What would you say are the best things about being your own boss/s?

With the little ones, being our boss is fab as the kids can come along too. Plus they are beginning to join in and hopefully become part of the business one day.

And what would you say has been your personal business high?

It has to be the amazing feedback and gorgeous pics of our happy customers. Some of it has even brought us to tears!!!

There’s an ongoing issue of ‘Copying’ amongst small business owners, particularly within the handmade community. How do you keep your ideas so fresh? Do you have any fail safe tricks to re-boot your creative juices when you’re struggling?

Copying is something we have recently come up against and is upsetting. We design everything we make ourselves from start to finish and our designs are very precious to us. We look for inspiration everywhere, our children, their friends, walks in the woods, childrens books and also our customer requests – so far we have never had a creative block.

And finally where do you hope The coven of stitches will be in a five years time?
Still creating, developing new ideas and still as happy as we are now in what we do. But maybe with a workshop too!.

That sounds incredible!

Thank you so much to both Sarah & Leilah for such a wonderful insight into how you work.


You can shop all things TCOS over on their Etsy page. And you can keep up with their goings on over on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.


I’ll be back later on this afternoon with the second part of todays Support Small Saturday.





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