Support Small Saturday – Koppits creations.


Good morning! Happy Saturday & thank you for coming to check out our first Support Small Saturday.


I’m so pleased to have our very first Support Small Saturday business. Koppits creations, and what an amazing small business to spend the day sharing with you all.


I first came across Koppits creations over on instagram at the beginning of the year & I was immediately in love – anyone who knows this company will completely agree no doubt!- Samantha Koppit -Owner & dress making extrodinaire – is one talented gal.


Whether its her gorgeously trimmed polly shorts or her trademark fairytale ‘Bella’ dress. There really isn’t anything Samantha can’t do (Seriously, there isn’t! Sam also offers a bespoke service, choose your style, choose your fabric & she’ll whip it up for you!)


‘Bella” dress, prices start from around £35 (depending on your chosen fabric) & Polly shorts, prices start from £20 (excludes Liberty print)


With an extraordinary eye for detail & a passion for all things design, its not hard to see why people are flocking in droves to get their hands on one of Samantha’s creations.



I have been extremely lucky to bag this super busy lady for my first Support Small Saturday, so I took complete advantage and managed to grab five minutes of her time for an interview

Hi, Samantha. Thanks for being TLWP’s very first Support small Saturday business owner. I have a million questions, but i’ve had to whittle it down to as few as possible. So lets start, How would you describe the style of Koppits creations?

Well the style of koppits creations, I would say is a modern spin on classic clothing using high quality fabrics with a vintage feel.

What gave you the courage to jump in and start your own business?

Well, this is a very long story so I apologise in advance; I had a very difficult pregnancy with my youngest and was put on bed rest at 16 weeks. Having worked my entire adult life, going from several jobs to nothing was incredibly challenging for me .

Eden arrived 8 weeks prematurely and left me with some health complications, which in turn meant that I was unable to return to my hairdressing and gymnastic coaching . When Eden was a few months old my mum gave me a second hand sewing machine. I have never used a sewing machine despite my mother being a bridal dressmaker and my sister designing for an adult clothing label, I had never been interested in doing it myself.

I was incredibly stubborn and taught myself from the simplest to what I currently do. It has in no way been easy but I have managed so far. For example up until 9 months ago, I wasn’t able to do button holes! – how bad is that?!

So after being asked by mothers in the playground about my daughters clothes, I started making them for other people, not quite believing that any would be interested. And look at how busy it is now! I’m still struggling to belive it all to be honest.

As well as working hard for your business you’re also a mother of three.. how do you manage to find a balance between mother-hood and work?

It’s a challenge thats for sure! Illana and Luca are at school, so they leave at about 7:30 am, then Eden goes to pre school for three hours three times a week. This interrupted sewing time does make a difference, but a day in the life of Sam  (most days ) consist’s of:

– Up at 6am,

-Feed the children,

– Get us all washed and dressed,

– Illana and Luca go to school,

– Take Eden to pre school,

– Then sewing what is on the already cut list,

– Collect Eden, feed Eden,

– Package the mornings sewing

– 2pm we leave to do the school pick up,

– Home at 4pm,

– More sewing,

-Get dinner going, do homework with Illana and Luca, whilst doing any admin/answering messages,

– Feed, bath & bed time stories for the children,

– 7pm more sewing or if i’m completely exhausted its more cutting,

And if I can squeeze in the washing and tidying and hovering that’s a bonus –  I call those good days!

What would you say are the best things about being your own boss?

I adore being my own boss, I get to make and design what I choose to which allows me creativity to flow. I would like to say that I can take time off when need be, but unfortunately that isn’t the case! I think my last full day off ( day and evening ) was on my birthday back in February.

Oh, I remember those days!  You’ve come so far, in such a short space of time, what would you say has been your personal business high?

Gosh there are just so many! I’m very lucky, but I think having my work acknowleged by liberty of London and them consenting to me using their fabrics was a huge deal for me and left me on cloud nine for ages!

Oh I bet, that is an amazing acheivement!

There’s an ongoing issue of ‘Copying’ amongst small business owners, particularly within the handmade community. How do you keep your ideas so fresh? Do you have any fail safe tricks to re-boot your creative juices when you’re struggling?

I take a lot of personal offence when I see hours or my hard work being badly copied.  It’s happened a lot recently as more and more people are seeing my work! Personally I look at adult trends as well as vintage styles and think how I can reproduce it in my taste, with the fabrics I use and put my spin on it. Looking at Pinterest fashion is a regular thing for me.

Pinterest… the stealer of time! It’s just so addictive, so much prettiness in one place!

What are your plans for the future of Koppit creations?

To take over the childrens fashion industry! Ha ha  I think with how busy it has become, that bespoke may become limited edition and I can concentrate on producing more ready made items. I have been contacted by several shops about stocking my range which is awesome but I need to create a stock. Having my brand recognised would be such a sense of achievement for me. Watch this space, maybe you will see my label on the high street soon!

No doubt about it Sam, I’ll be the here to say ‘I got her first interview!’ – don’t forget me when your all rich & famous! ha ha. Thank you so much for joining in with Support Small Saturday Sam, its been a pleasure! 



Keep an eye out later on this afternoon for the second part of our Support Small saturday, where we’ll be taking Koppits in numbers, Sam’s tips for success & Koppits creations Top picks.



The little woman pretends.


You can find Koppits creations over on



or you can enquire via email at

Her books are currently closed until the end of May.


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