Support Small Saturday – Koppits creations (Part 2)



It was impossible to fit everything into one blog post, so i’m continuing on from the first part of our Support Small Saturday feature that was published this morning – scroll further down the page or click Here to see that.

I’ve spent hours upon hours trawling through Sam’s work trying to pick my favourite items for this feauture. Not an easy task, I genuinely love it all, but somehow I’ve managed to narrow it down to the three ‘Must buys’ from Koppits creations.

1. The ‘Polly’ shorts – An original Koppits creation piece, these adorable little shorties are the perfect addition to any little girls wardrobe. Using her own handcrafted pattern, Sam has created a completely versatile garment.. Whatever the weather, with tights & wellies or bare legged with sandals, these trimmed pretties will always be both practical & fashionable.   – Prices start at £20 (excluding Liberty prints)




2. Handmade Bibs – Why, why WHY, Hadn’t I found these back when my girls where both babies?! They are just the most adorable bibs I have ever seen and of course completely practical as well, the best bit? You can have them personalised completely free of charge! – £7 including UK delivery.




3. The ‘Bella’ dress – Does this even need a description? These are the ultimate in handmade luxury. Every special occasion calls for a bespoke ‘Bella’ dress (she offers a bespoke service so you can mix & match your own choice in fabrics). A truly classic piece that will last forever. – Prices start from £35 depending on fabric choices.











I managed to grab a few final words of wisdom from Sam, So here are her top tips for getting the most out of your Small business:

1: Do as much research you can on the industry you are entering and ALWAYS research your prices.

2: Be unique! don’t copy other people, where’s the sense of achievement in that?

3: Be pro active!

4: Be polite and kind always giving the best customer service.

5: Remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

6: Put in what you want out of your business, if you don’t work hard you won’t get amazing success! You have to work very hard at anything to make it work. 

Fantastic advice from someone who’s making a big impression within the handmade community.


Thats it for our very first Support Small Saturday. Massive thank you To Samantha Koppit of Koppits creations. I couldn’t have asked for a better business to launch this with. Hopefully your feeling inspired, And if your not interested in the business side of things, at least you’ve discovered a brand new shop – apologies for the hit your bank balance will no doubtedly  take once she re-opens her order book at the end of the month.


*Please note I have not taken payment of any kind for promoting Koppits creations today, doing it simply because she’s amazing at what she does & I want to share it with my readers*

You can find a full catalogue of Koppits creations designs over on her Facebook & Instagram page, and all enquires can go to

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



The little woman pretends.















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    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Ahh thank you Josie ! Oh aren’t they?! Such an adorable take on something that is otherwise quite a boring item.. I’m so in love with them.


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