Sticky toffee pudding.

In the spirit of easing. my way back it normal life, I thought I’d pop up a recipe post. And I know, I know… Most of the world is on some sort of ‘New year, new me’ health kick, but seen as I’m all about balance, I thought I’d entice you over to the sweet side of life with this delicious classic, Sticky toffee pudding!

I have to be completely honest, this isn’t my recipe… its originally, this Ginger & sticky toffee pud by the baking goddess that is Mary berry (I’ve just tweaked it slightly for my tastes), I received a lot of feedback from the photo I posted on Christmas Day and so thought I’d give you a complete post all about it.

So, here’s how you make it.

Here’s what you’ll need

For the cake

175g Self raising four,

75g butter (softened),

150g soft brown sugar,

2 eggs,

1tsp baking powder,

2 tablespoons Black treacle,

1tsp Vanilla,

125ml full fat milk.


For the toffee sauce

110g Butter (Softened),

250g soft brown sugar,

350ml double cream,

1/2 tsp vanilla.


And here’s how to make it. 

First, put 75g of softened butter and 150g soft brown sugar in a bowl and beat together.


Then add the rest of your cake ingredients. Flour, eggs, bi-carb, vanilla, milk and treacle.



 …And give it all a good whisk up.


Whilst your cake batter is whisking, butter your dish. You can use a cake tin for this, if you want to turn it out and then pour over your toffee sauce, but it can get a bit messy, so I prefer a baking dish.


And finally you can pour your toffee cake batter into your dish. Pop it into the oven, middle shelf at 180 dg for around 40-50 minutes.


Once your cake has baked, pop it out of the oven and set aside, whilst you make up your caramel sauce.


Making up your caramel sauce is really easy, Simply grab a saucepan, pop in your butter, soft brown sugar, vanilla and double cream, Before turning your hob on medium heat. And now you just leave it to bubble, you can give the pan a swirl every now and again, but avoid stirring until the very end.


Once your sauce has turned a lovely rich caramel colour, simply take off the heat and give it a stir. * Be extremely careful with it. This stuff is like molten lava and it will really hurt you if you drip any of it on your skin*


Its as easy as that really! Now you can pour half of your sauce all over that delicious pudding…


And pour the rest into a jug for a side sauce.


Now its ready to serve. Simply scoop out a lovely big chunk, drizzle over some more of that homemade caramel sauce…


… And slather it with custard.


… and just enjoy.

The perfect way to start a balanced new year.


The little woman pretends.

*Massive thank you to LJ Photoboards who very kindly gave me this beautiful textured/darkwood photo prop board. After being covered in flour and caramel sauce, they wiped down so easily, ready to be used again.*

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