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I was lucky enough to be blessed with clear skin throughout my teens, apart from the odd few spots I never had any issues. Fast forward a few years and its a whole other story.

Over the past few months my skin has suffered an unknown change, my chin imparticular has bared the brunt of some sort of hormonal imbalance – or so google has led me to believe. My skin care routine has always been very simple, low maintatanace to the extreme.. I wash my make up off and that is it!

Once the breakouts started I made the mistake of using an array of cleansers, blemish clearers, exfoliants and other lotions and potions trying to get rid of the unsightly spots. Which of course angered them… and me.

And then I discovered my skincare saviour. Sudocrem.


I came across a few articles online, stating that the high zinc content and soothing lavender are perfect for clearing spots up. With nothing to lose I gave it a trial. I can confirm.. it really, really works! – See the bottom line on the tub? I never knew it said Acne on there-

I didn’t take a before picture.. quite honestly I didn’t expect anything to work, and really why would anyone want to see my spotty face plastered on the internet?! Ha. But three weeks into it, I do have an after. A no make up – no photoshopped – no filtered- completely unedited selfie. *Gasp* ( I can’t actually believe I have put this up! Next beauty post: Discover a miracle cure for dark circles… Or just drink more water & get more sleep).



My face isn’t completely cleared up, but like all good things, it takes time. And my chin is a whole lot clearer than it was three weeks ago.

Its best used before bed at night, that way it has maximum time to work its magic. Heres what I do.

– Cleanse: This is so so important. I use my favourite, gentle on the skin Burts Bees Chamomile & soap bark cleansing cream. It smells like refresher sweets. *Seemed a major selling point for me!*




– Apply a generous amount of Sudocrem (with clean hands) over the affected area. Some of the articles I read, said to apply it as a face mask, the rest of my face is fine and I really didn’t want to risk agitating it with such a heavy cream so I just left well alone, applying it only to my chin where the worst spots are.

– Sleep, and cleanse again in the morning, before applying any make up.

I use it around 5 times a week, giving the two day break to let my skin breath. I also read a couple of reviews that said Sudocrem stopped working after so many uses. I’m trying to avoid that by taking days off in-between, so far so good.

And thats it. No pricey potions or lengthy routines. Just a simple, nappy rash cream that most people have laying around. Of course for as many reviews singing its praises, there are many stating it didn’t work for them, this is of course down to how different we all are, how different our skin types are. But this did work for me, gone are my angry, red, sore spots. Which is all I wanted.  I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve used Sudocreme, did it work for you?


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