Self care series: Simple skincare.

Winter is always the harshest season on my skin, and not even just because of the chopping and changing from freezing wind to drying out heating. Its mainly because of how many nights out are planned during the festive season. I’m not a massive make-up wearer. I spend at least 4 days out of the week completely make-up free and when I do wear it, its as simple as tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, blusher and maybe a gentle brush with an eyebrow pencil. When I -very rarely- go out on an evening, I like to get a little more glammed up. One of my friends is a make-up artist, so she does the majority of my ‘going out face’ she’s very aware of my hatred of anything to heavy, but y’know even the minimal look holds quite the job lot of products! Luckily I’ve developed my very own fail safe routine, so no matter how many times a week I’m make-up – ing up, I can keep it from being dry, chapped and prevent any breakouts.

My first port of call, is water, if I’m getting in after a night out, odds are I’ve had a fair few alcoholic drinks. Nothing starts a breakout for me, more than alcohol. The more sugary, the worse the breakout. I’ve learnt the best way to counteract this, is to drink as much water as possible from arriving home – going to sleep. (FYI – This also helps massively with the hangover! as does a good meal and some paracetamol before you go to sleep!) Anyway, from there I cleanse with my all time favourite moisturiser! Burts bee’s chamomile and soap bark creme cleanser. It smells like refresher sweets, lasts forever – not literally, obviously ha!- and seriously is the BEST cleanser I’ve ever used! Another brill tool to use is a Facial Cleansing brush. If your half asleep trying to take your make-up off, this takes away most of the effort. Just close your eyes and let the brush do the hard work!


That is pretty much my daily routine. I dont moisturise (It messes up the balance of my skin), I dont tone, or double cleanse, or use some super exclusive – eye wateringly expensive product, nothing high maintenance. Just a simple- yet super important cleanse.

Twice a week I use the body shops Himalayan Charcoal mud mask – which has an added exfoliant and is the best mask I’ve found since Lush took their Love lettuce of the market – still SO sad about that! And on the off chance I do get a spot, usually either hormone related or I’ve consumed too much sugar. I add a touch of sudocrem over the freshly cleansed area and leave it overnight. Repeat for 2 nights, one night off – that usually does the trick.



Simple as that!

I’m sure you were expecting this post to be piled high with ‘must buy’ products, but the truth is as decent cleanser and a hydrated life, is all it really takes to keep my skin happy.




How do you keep your skin happy? Any little tips or secret formulas that keep it in tip-top condition?



The little woman pretends.


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