Seasonal living: January.

I had planned the first seasonal living post to go a little differently than it has done, but the seasons aren’t always how they’re supposed to be, sometimes its freezing cold and raining in Summer, sometimes its blue skies and warm sunshine in October, with that in mind, this month, I’ve just kinda’ gone with the flow.

Around the home:

I’ll have to be honest, I’ve not really achieved much in the home month. The ‘Drain people (?!)’ were supposed to be coming early on to sort out the drainage issues with 90% of the garden whenever it rains for more than 2 hours. My back garden is a bog.

Once this was drained and re-turfed, the plan was to then be able to build up the back of the garden for the chickens, which would then make room for the Veg patch. Of course, nothing this month has really gone right, so I’ll just try and get all that done next month.

So, I may not have ticked anything off the garden to-do list, I have however been putting a little bit of effort elsewhere into living seasonally.


What I’ve been doing:

One of my main goals this month was to get outside, and even before everything started to get a bit crazy round here, we had definitely accomplished that one. Mischa isn’t super keen on my new “Lets explore” mentality, in fact on one of our vistits to beacon fell earlier on in the month, she told me it was the worst day ever. It was pretty cold… and we were sat eating sandwiches on the very tip of a high hill…. I know, I know… I’m such a meanie. I did however promise her that by the end of the year she will love our adventures out. I’m really going to have my work cut out with that little promise.



What I’ve been eating:

Food wise, I’ve been keeping it simple, For the best part of the month, I’ve been trying to cut down on our meat consumption, so we’ve been quite happily doing two meat free dinners a week, this slow cooker mushroom risotto was a firm favourite, as was the Leek and potato soup (Just switch the chicken stock for vegetable) For all the other meals its been stews, stodgy puddings and homely comfort foods. It is after all January. One of my favourite new tries this month has been this Somerset stew with cheddar and parsley mash. I popped some sausages in and WOW. This is the ultimate in winter comfort foods.


How I’ve been feeling:

This one is obviously a difficult one to answer normally this month (You’ll find an explanation in this post for why) But If I try and ignore all of the crazy stuff, and just focus on our household, and how everything was prior to the giant explosion that went off the middle of the month, I’d have to say fresh… I had and still am feeling quite refreshed. January is quite a miserable month for so many people and for so many reasons, but I haven’t been feeling that, the first week or so was just met with relief that the Christmas season was over. And now, the days are finally getting that tiny bit longer, just noticing that has give me a little boost and helped appreciate the time of year we are in.


All in all, its been a cosy January, but I’m ready to prepare for spring now, February is already looking to be busy.

How have you been living seasonally this month?


The little woman pretends.


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