Rockin’ Handmade.

The reason I learnt how to sew was so I could make my own clothing. I love fashion but I’ve never been an ‘on trend’ type of gal. Opting more for choosing my clothing based on whats inspiring me lately or what type of mood i’m in – mainly tired mum mood, which pretty much consists of leggings & vest. Every now & again though, I go through a phase where I want to dress up every day, and when that happens I have a constant urge to make every design that has crossed my mind over the past month. My process for making clothing is pretty simple, I see a fabric I like & automatically my mind starts ticking over, planning what I would make with that fabric, or even if I see something on the high street.. what would I do to it to make it more me?

Having the knowledge to be able to work a piece of fabric into a finished garment is really rather amazing and something I feel so proud of myself for – especially seen as I’ve had no formal training.

Tonight I’ll be rockin’ handmade, wearing the gorgeous Indian embroidered fabric crop I made on Wednesday & the Black Midi-full skirt I made last night. A little bit classy with a boho twist. I feel amazing in this outfit, which really is the most important thing.


The little woman pretends.



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