Raspberry & White chocolate loaf cake.


Today it’s Izzy’s birthday! My baby turns three (how the hell did that happen?!) But I prepared this cake yesterday for her to take into nursery this morning and I just knew it was something to share with you all. Its completely un-seasonal, really its a recipe post to be shared in the summer, what with it containing raspberries. But I couldn’t wait that long to share it with you all!

So, seen as though i’ve got a spare five minutes before the celebrating can begin, I’m going to show you just how to do it.


Here’s what you need:

175g self raising flour,

175g butter – softened.

175g caster sugar,

4 eggs,

teaspoon of vanilla paste/extract.

150g raspberries fresh/frozen.

200g white chocolate. (150g broken into chunks, the other 50g melted down later)

*Red food colouring is completely optional.




And here’s what you need to do:


First preheat the oven to 170 degrees/ gas mark 3

Next whisk up the butter and sugar, before adding in the eggs and vanilla extract.

Now add the flour and whisk for a good five minutes. The extra whisking time is a pain if you only have a hand whisker, but it really is needed for a light and fluffily cake.



Once those steps are finished you can add the best part of the cake. First tip in your raspberries, then your white chocolate chunks. Don’t whisk, instead folding lightly with a spoon or spatula.



Pour your cake mixture into a lined and buttered loaf tin and set in the over, middle shelf for about an hour, or until golden brown and firm in the middle. Mine takes exactly 1 hour 15 minutes.  *You can check its completely cooked by popping a skewer into the middle, raspberries will bring your skewer up with juice, but it shouldn’t have any raw cake mix on it.




Once you’re cake is baked, set aside for ten minutes, before turning out and leaving to cool.



Once your cake is cooled you can melt down the remainder of your white chocolate. I do this in a microwave (unless i’ve got a large amount of chocolate to melt down, then I use the traditional bowl over hot water method.) 30 seconds on a high power, stir, then in ten second intervals before its fully melted.

If you like you can pop in a little red food colouring to make the chocolate pink, this is completely optional. I just liked the look of it. Anyway, once your chocolate is melted you can drizzle over the top of your loaf cake.





And enjoy.

I’m now off to spend the day celebrating the birthday of my beautiful, sweet little three year old.


The little woman pretends.


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  1. Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson says:

    I made this cake last week and it was delicious! We have a valentines cake sale and work tomorrow and I’m baking it again. Should go down a treat x

  2. Sarah Kay
    Sarah Kay says:

    I made this yesterday for my daughter to take to nursery today, what a great cake.
    The only difference was it seemed very moist, the bake looked similar to your pictures. I did wash the raspberries before and I only baked it for 1 hour at 170 in an electric fan oven, should I have baked for longer or is it supposed to be moist due to the fresh raspberries in it?

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Ahh you did? I hoped they liked it. I think it is just a moist cake, it shouldn’t be wet though – if that makes sense? Sometimes it can help just leaving the cake in the oven – after turning off the heat- for another five minutes or so, it won’t burn, but the heat will still be circulating enough to get rid of those soggy bits. xx


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