A quarter of a decade. – A blogworthy birthday.

I mentioned in my Full skirt tutorial last Tuesday, that last week was my birthday!! As of 17th I am 25 years old. Thats a real adult age, i’m a fully fledged grown up now!! I’m actually okay with it, getting older doesn’t freak me out like it used too, with every new year comes age… but it also brings a whole loads of other things, knowledge, contentment, acceptance. Things that make me appreciate getting older. Anyway, last year I started a new years resolution post, not on New years, but on my birthday… I thought it would be a way better time to reflect on the past year, on my goals, on my achievements, on my personal growth.

Last year, I had three goals for the following 12 months. You’ll be pleased to know, i’ve achieved none of them. Aha. Well, I mean I kind of have. but here they are.

  1. Pass my driving test – Now, this also included passing my Theory, which last year stood at a 4th time fail. This year I passed my theory (YAAY!, 5th time lucky!) I also started up my driving lessons again and am on track to take my first (and hopefully only) test this coming winter.
  2. Finish a novel – I haven’t done this, But I have been trying. On new years eve I started a story, one that I have worked a lot on. Turns out its quite a complicated adventure, and determined not to sack it off because its complicated, its been a long journey of trying to iron out those crinkles. I haven’t been as dedicated to it as i should have been, however i won’t be too hard on my self, i’m only one person and my days are jam packed as it is. I’ll pick it up once the girls go back to school.
  3. Take regular breaks from the internet. – I have kind of done this a couple of times, but right now I have a perfect balance between the online & offline world. I think that should have been my resolution, to find that.


So that was it, my only goals for the last twelve months. Time to set some more.

  1. Pass my driving test. I’m gunna’ get it done this year.
  2. Maintain the perfect online/offline balance.
  3. Stop finding reasons NOT to pitch potential articles to local newspapers/magazines. Just do it.
  4. Build that vegetable patch.
  5. Continue along the path of inner peace and contentment. Kind of a joke, but also kind of not. I used to be all about the rage… i’m pretty zen these days… unless I’m hungry, or tired. Ha ha


I think five is enough for a year, really.

Anyway, my birthday was pretty AMAZING! We planned a trip to London back in June, and by 8am on Wednesday morning we were on the M6 heading down, by 8.30am. We arrived at the gorgeous St Pancras renaissance hotel around mid-day.





After a lovely walk in the Sunshine, we stopped off for lunch (and wine) on a terrace overlooking kings cross.

Photo 19-08-2016, 12 46 28


And after a quick refresh we headed off to the Harry potter studio tour. I took about 500 photos of the tour, obviously I don’t want to share them ALL here, so I’ve narrowed it down to my top 15. Just enough to show it truly was incredible, without ruining it for anyone who may not have been.


















The harry potter tour is fairly long, (we started it at 4pm and only finished at 6.45) So after heading back to the hotel for a shower and change, we took a cab to our reservation the highly raved about Hawksmoor seven dials. I can confirm the steak is AMAZING!! Seriously, I have never tasted a steak so soft, so full of flavour, so melt in the mouth delicious. However, the other stuff to me, just wasn’t worth the price tag. It was nice, the bone marrow gravy I thought was nice, the triple cooked chips, again nice. But I felt slightly robbed of £90 for a meal that was just nice. p.s Also, NEVER order a lemonade from there. It tasted like a slightly lemon-y tonic water. bleurgh. But the hostess, on seeing that I hadn’t drank it, did take it off our bill, which I thought was very nice of her.

We stopped off for a nightcap at The booking office, which is the very cosmopolitan bar attached to the hotel. Sam gave me a list of possible place to go, to which I turned them all down, in favour of being in bed at 10pm, watching first dates. – Turning 25 in my true old soul fashion.

On thursday morning we woke bright an early, completely hangover free. And after a full breakfast down in the booking office (which was delicious. Freshly squeezed orange juice, an array of pastries, crumpets, breads, cheeses, cereals, yoghurts, as well as the cooked stuff. which was of a super high quality.) We explored the hotel a little more, before stumbling across the spa. which held the most incredible pool. I wish we had sacked off our dinner reservations, to spend the night in here, treatments, sauna, swimming, followed by room service dinner. That will be the plan for next time.



I even managed to get a selfie on the very famous stairs held within the hotel before we checked out.



Before starting the four hour drive home, we took a little tour around the city, being in the car I obviously didn’t manage to get many good photos. But we visited Trafalgar square, big ben, Buckingham palace, piccadilly circus, before stopping off for afternoon tea in Chelsea.


Photo 18-08-2016, 12 52 17

Photo 18-08-2016, 14 05 10

And that was our very busy 36 hours in London. It was beyond incredible.

The perfect way to bring in my 25th year.

Here’s to another one.


The little woman pretends.


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