Peanut butter & chocolate criss-cross cookies.

Peanut butter is one of my all time favourite foods. And if i’m answering the big ‘ol debate crunchy OR smooth, I’d say CRUNCHY all the way. Wether it’s a simple Peanut butter on seeded toast supper. Or my new favourite snack, Peanut butter cookies. There is always a time for Peanut butter. A few weeks ago, I discovered M&S did a Peanut butter cookie, needless to say I snacked my way through a full pack in 24 hours #Sorrynotsorry BUT then disaster struck (Not an actual disaster, Just one for me, who places Snacks and binge watchable TV shows very high on my list of priorities) They just stopped stocking them. Three weekends in a row i’ve been in hoping for them, but nope. They are no longer.

So, I took matters into my own hands and made up my own. Which are actually way better, because mine are topped with chocolate. This recipe is ridiculously easy, seriously making the dough takes about 3 minutes. My recipe will make you 24 cookies.

Here’s what you need to make them. 

  • 140g Peanut butter – Smooth or crunchy, its entirely up to your tastes what you use.
  • 100g softened butter.
  • 100g granulated sugar
  • 100g soft brown sugar (I like dark brown, it gives a much deeper taste.)
  • 150g plain flour.
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt.
  • 50g Chocolate (milk, dark or white. Whatever you want, though I’ve gone with Milk)



And here’s how you make them.

First, pour both butters, both sugars and your one egg, into a bowl and mix thoroughly.



Then, pour in your dry ingredients. (Flour, baking powder, salt.)



Next, lay a sheet of either baking parchment OR cling film (not tin foil, you’ll end up having to peel tiny bits of foil of your cookie dough) down on a flat surface and tip your cookie mixture out. Use a spoon to spread your mix into a roll.

Like in my original Chocolate chip cookie recipe, we’re going to be freezing this dough for a little while. So the entire length of dough needs wrapping up. twist at the ends before giving it a good roll, making sure its pretty much an even depth the entire way through.

Now pop it into the freezer.



Your dough will need to be frozen for a minimum of one and a half hours. Ideally for around 2/3. But If you want to be prepared, you can make this up the night before and leave it in overnight.

Once your roll of dough has chilled for long enough, take it out of the freezer, line a baking tray with baking paper and pre-heat your oven to 170dg (fan assisted.)

Now, simply slice your cookies off the end of your roll and place in your tray.





Ideally, you need to keep some space around your cookies, not too much, but enough so that when they start to bake and spread a little they don’t all melt into one. I’m using quite a big tray and have managed to fit 12 on comfortably.



You’ll want to bake your cookies for around 15-20 minutes, but if like me you’re prone to forgetting exactly when you put them in, you can just pop oven the oven door and have a look. You want them to be lovely and golden. Once they’ve finished, pop them to the side and leave to cool. don’t pick them up at this point, they will literally just squish in your hands (not to mention scald you), they only harden whilst they cool.



After about 20 minutes, your cookies will be ready to finish. To do this melt down 50g of chocolate and grab a spoon.



If you’re a little bit fancy pants and have a piping bag you can use that for this part, but just using a spoon is fine. Scoop up some of your melted chocolate and drizzle it over all of your cookies length ways, back and forth a few times.



Now, do the same again the other way. Up and down, until you reach the end. This will give your lovely chocolate criss-cross drizzle. Don’t worry about clumps of chocolate, it is never a bad thing to have too much chocolate on your cookie. If you do want them really tidy and uniform though, I would advise using a piping bag.



Now, just leave them to set for half an hour or so – If you can, and only if you want to stack them. If not, just share and scoff.



They really are the loveliest of cookies. I’ve actually eaten 5 of them today, they’re just so moreish! Maybe something that should only be kept as a treat. Or maybe just make up the roll and keep it in the freezer, slicing off a couple of cookies overtime you fancy something sweet. Pour a cuppa’ and enjoy.







The little woman pretends.

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