Pantry update.




Now the madness of Christmas and new year is out of the way, decorating can resume. Before Christmas we started replacing door frames, skirting boards and adding coving around the rooms on the ground floor of our house. This week we picked up tools to resume. Starting with the Pantry door in the kitchen. I LOVE my pantry, two years ago, I spent three weeks hand painting it (yes really!) I knew what I wanted but just couldn’t find it anywhere, obviously because i’m completely impatient and y’know on board for anything DIY, I just decided to stencil it. I managed to find some photographs of the process tucked away on my computer. – Sorry about the shocking photo’s.. It was a while ago. I don’t even think I owned  an actual camera then!





Anyway, back to what I did this week. As you can tell it was still looking a little shabby. The door frame had to come off, a new one put on and it all needed a fresh lick of paint.




No matter how much I scrubbed and scraped, the glass up at the top just wouldn’t come clean. It is 40 odd years old to be fair but I wanted it to look fresh and clean. So I bought some of that sticky back plastic stuff in a frosted glass effect and got to work.

I pre-cut the size needed to cover the window first, then printed out and placed the letters I needed on the back side of the frosted plastic. I traced around them lightly with a pencil before cutting them out… Remembering to keep the middles of the P, A & R.









Once that was all done, I simply peeled the back from the plastic & starting from the corner, slowly attached the plastic to the glass, smoothing as I go. And that was it. Really easy!




All together this little upgrade cost me £6. And took me around an hour, only because the extremely careful cutting out slows you down. I used a card to push out the bubbles and If you plan on doing something similar, dont forget to place your letters back to front when stencilling. – Its not really noticeable, but my ‘N’ was accidentally drawn upside down.

Next up for the pantry will be customised shelving/drawers. As you can see everything’s just THERE & I’d like it a little more organised. I’ve loads of other stuff to do around the house before though. Including the kitchen doorway frame, skirting boards, coving and a full re-paint. 2016 is the year my kitchen gets shown some love.



The little woman pretends.








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