No sew tutu.



Mischa has been excited for halloween since… well since last halloween. My girl loves to dress up & this year, same as last year she’s requested to be a witch. Not only that, but she wants me to make her a big fluffy skirt. Well Mischa, i’m going to do just that.

I first tried this method back in march, again Mischa had asked if I could make her a my little pony outfit for her birthday party, – I am just her personal costume maker!- so I started with a lovely bright tutu.



It really is such an easy method and with Halloween just around the corner, I thought what better time to show you all. Made with a black tulle, you can pair it with anything to make a spooky, yet completely adorable costume – This method will also work for an adult costume too!

So lets get started.

First up, heres what you’ll need:

  • Black tulle. Either the stiff or soft netting will work, I’ve gone for stiff, I just find it gives a stiffer skirt, a mix & match of both will work great too. You’ll need at least four metres for a child. The fuller & longer  you want it, the more netting will be needed. You can also mix & match colours, use any colour you want.
  • Elastic. at least 1 inch wide. (colour doesn’t matter at all)
  • Sewing machine, needle & thread, or if you really don’t want to sew anything, a simple safety pin will work.
  • Tape measure.



Now lets get started.

First you’ll need measurements. With it having an elastic waistband, it doesn’t need to be exact, simple wrap the elastic round the waist of the person your making it for. You want a good grip, some stretch, not too much so the person can’t breath. Alternatively, take 3-4″ off the waist measurement. It sounds like a lot, but adding the Tulle stretches it out a bit.

Give the elastic a snip and put it aside.  The length you want the skirt is completely optional. I’ve gone for 17″ (Age 5-6 years) because she does want it quite long. Once you know your measurement,  write it down, just incase you forget when it comes to cutting your fabric.

Next, using either your machine, needle and thread if your hand sewing or safety pin if you aren’t doing either and secure the edges of your elastic together.


Now, grab your tulle. I’m making two of these tutu’s one for Mischa & one for Izzy. So i’ve bought 8 metres (four & a bit for Mischa’s, just under 3 for Izzys – Age 2-3 years). You now need to make strips of tulle, lots of strips. I wanted a 17″ length skirt, so I need pieces that are 34″ in total length. Rather than cutting strips of 34″ I find it much easier to just fold my fabric in half & cut to 17″. Once unfolded I have the length I need.

* If you’re using soft tulle, you can skip this whole section by buying 6″ rolls of it, instead of flat metres. You then need to just cut your required length, they’re already in strips for you.*


So now we’ve got our tulle strips, we can start adding it to your elastic.

Firstly, fold your netting strip in half, place your fingers through the fold to open the loop and place on the inside of  your elastic.



Now, pull the bottom two strands of your netting up, thread through the loop and pull tight. Thats it done, easy as that.


Now comes the *difficult* part, repeating this process over again. Make sure with each new knot, you slide your knotted fabric snugly against each other. Keep on going until you’ve filled your elastic all the way round. It shouldn’t take you any longer than two hours to make one of these, but its such a simple process you can just thread, knot & pull absent mindeldly whilst watching TV or something, it requires that little concentration.





And thats it, easy. Your No sew tutu is done!



Happy Halloween!



The little woman pretends.


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