Fancying up the front door.

I’ve had this post planned since about march. I’m constantly spotting beautifully coloured front doors, I’d start shopping for replacement door accessories (silver instead of the gold we had on), and get so overwhelmed by finishes, prices, fixtures. I’d end up just putting it off.

Then, I spotted a beautiful door whilst browsing Pinterest a few weeks ago, the colour was lovely, but most importantly, the fixtures were all gold. It really made me love what we already had on and it meant I didnt have to replace any of the fittings, (apart from the door knocker, but that was only because I wanted a ring one.)

So that was that, I hopped of to home base to pick up my colour of choice Stone blue in Farrow & ball exterior eggshell.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 19.45.41

Only to find, my local home base is pretty rubbish with what colours they have stocked. As i’m stupidly impatient,  I had a look around the other exterior paints, finding the perfect shade in stock.

Deluxe Weather shield in vast lake  *There’s a list of prices/stockists at the end if you want to pick up the same*



So, before I take you through the (ridiculously simple) process of getting the door painted up, here’s how it started. Well, actually, it started out with one of those faux victorian lantern shaped knockers and our number screwed in just by the letterbox – but eager as ever, I forgot to take a before they came off photo.




Its all pretty bland, and actually a bit scruffy looking. I have thoroughly neglected the front of our house!

First, I had to take off all the fittings. Its actually very easy! The Original knocker was actually screwed in a really inaccessible way, I have no idea how Sam took it off, but he did. I did the rest, and all they needed was a simple unscrewing. (FYI If you have a standard UPVC door, you can take the letterbox of by unscrewing the screws on the inside of the letter box, on the house side of the door. To get the peep hole off, hold the inside of the door part, and screw the outside part. it should come out really easily, the door handle screws off with the screws you can see very easily on the inside half of the handle.



Anyway, so once I had cleared the door, and after filling in the holes with some filler (and leaving it to dry.).  It was time to give it a good scrub down, I used a simple soapy water and my steamer. Once it was sparkling I gave it a pat down with a towel and left for 5 minutes whilst I prepped the paint.

Applying the paint is really easy, two light coats, with a couple of hours in-between for drying time. It really is as simple as that. If your not particularly steady handed, I’d recommend taking the door completely of its hinges. the thing with this project, is if you don’t get your finish right, it really will end up looking worse. Taking the time to prep properly, taking of anything you might accidentally cover in paint is important.



Now, I never got to try the much hyped Farrow and ball, but I can say, absolutely, that I am so glad I got this paint. The finish is beautiful. it went on smoothly, very low fumes, and it dried fairly quickly.



After the second coat went on, I left it to dry long after it was touch dry. Luckily it was quite a nice day, so I used the time with the front door wide open to be out in the front garden fixing’ it up a little.

Finally, after a good 4 hours (at least) I decided it was time to get those fixtures back on. Including that beautiful new knocker… the inspo behind the whole project.



As well as adding the sweetest little Summer wreath.



And following on with fancying that whole area up a little bit, I bought some new olive trees for either side the door, ripped out that awful bit of side fence, painted the flakey area below the door (and the cupboard beside the door) and popped up a brand new door number sign.



And thats really all it took to transform the front of our house! Not bad for an afternoons work really? Here’s the before and afters, the transformation is amazing!!

Screenshot 2016-08-10 19.34.16

Now, lets crack out that job list for the front garden:

– Re-home all of those plants under the kitchen window. Not looking forward to trying to transport the giant rose bush through to the back. Ouch!

– Build a raised bed under the window. 

-Find a shrub that looks beautiful all year round for in the raised beds. (Am I asking too much?)

-Pave the entire garden. There’s no need for that tiny bit of grass out there. 

-New fences. These are roughly 37 years old. I dread to think whats underneath all those layers of paint. 

– Fit outdoor light over the front door. 

So, not much to do then!

I really do think this project has been my favourite, it was really easy, not too expensive, but has maximum effect. The front of your house gives the first impression to the rest and for so long ours hasn’t done the inside any justice, I think it works just perfectly now.




The little woman pretends.


As promised earlier on in the post, here’s what I used for this project.

  • Dulux weather shield, Vast lake – Home base £24.99
  • Walk Exterior Satin, Cornish slate – Wilkos £8.50
  • Gold ring Door knocker – Screwfix £4.49
  • Plant pot- Wilkos £12 (No link sorry!)
  • Pair olive trees – Amazon £37.62 (free postage for prime members.)
  • Door number sign – Ebay £6.99
  • Faux Lavander wreath – Ebay £7.99


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  2. […] + on a tub of paint specifically for kitchen cabinets, I used what I already had in. Remember my front of house makeover a few weeks ago? well, during that I punched a small tub of exterior paint in a beautiful slate […]

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