#Myfamilyadventures – A weekend in the Lake District.

Readers beware….. This is a very photo filled post.

So, if you follow me over on Insta, you would have no doubt seen my many, many stories updates of our lovely little lakes break. I had originally wanted to get this booked for New Years. But I was extremely naive in thinking that I’d be able to book somewhere for it in November. LOL.

Anyway, I found a brilliant deal at Keswick lodge retreat, £235 for the only weekend in January I wasn’t working. It was within budget, not too far away and looked bloody lovely. Sam rang up to book – he wanted to make sure we had a hot tub and a log burner…

Fast forward to last Friday morning and we were beyond excited for our little trip.

It all went slightly tits up for a while, when we rang to confirm, only to be told we hadn’t in fact been booked into a lodge with a hot tub OR. log burner. One quick call to Hoseasons confirmed that the girl who took our booking basically just said yes to everything we wanted and then ignored it all when assigning us a lodge. Anyway, I wont hold a grudge. Besides a lovely man by the name of Sean who does front of house at Keswick lodge retreat was an absolute star, though there just wasn’t the availability to upgrade us to a hot tub lodge with such short notice, he did instead move us over to one of the ones with the best view. Sean, you’re an angel. we loved our lodge!

Anyway, boring story over, we set off straight after the school run, and after a rather dull drive down the M6 arrived in the gorgeous little town of Keswick.

We arrived at the retreat at what seemed to be the exact time that everyone else who was staying over did. It was quite the wait to check in, however the staff were quick and the surroundings pretty, it wasn’t too shabby at all.

Once given our keys ( in the most adorable little keepsake mini suitcase) we drove down to our home for the weekend, and ran in to take a peek. It was luxurious, clean, modern, cosy. I’d expected for the price the photographs online would have probably been outdated, I’ve stayed in worse places that cost much more! but nope, it really was as lovely as I’d hoped.






So, we arrived. Finally. A little flustered, but hungry and ultimately relieved we actually was still getting our lovely weekend break. Sam set out with making a delicious dinner, the girls played happily – well izzy did, Mischa is a weird child and instead flourished with the opportunity to organise all the new wardrobes.- We just spent the evening hanging around, before the girls eventually went off to bed and Sam and I popped open the very delicious rhubarb and ginger Gin, we’d been waiting so eagerly for. It really was the perfect Friday night.






So Saturday morning, surprisingly fresh, I set out breakfast, filled my teapot and we spent the morning not really doing much, as much as I wanted to explore, I know fine well, if you spend your whole holiday busy-bodying you come home more exhausted than when you left! So, we didn’t leave the lodge until mid-day.



When we did it was to go to Derwentwater I had done a little research about this place, and from the second I set eyes on it I knew we had to go. I can say absolutely, it did not disappoint! We must have stayed on the waters edge for at least two hours, before heading to one of the lovely little waterside cafe’s for a bite to eat, before taking a lovely walk further down the lake. The full walk around Derwentwater is roughly 10miles long and though I really did want to do it on Saturday, being realistic, neither of my girls would be able to do that. So we just stayed local and enjoyed the scenery.



After a good four hours of adventures, we headed back to the lodge to change and warm up a bit. We were all slightly damp, and cold. So the first thing we did was crank up that fire, make a pot of tea and settle down on the sofa. We booked our reservations for the onsite restaurant  -Copper fells- the day before (definitely advised to pre-book, it got so busy, so quickly! ) and so after a quick change we headed off for some belly warming comfort food.



Once back, it was fair to say we were all a little tired. So it was a quick clean up, a bubble bath for the girls, and films in bed for us all, ready for another (and our last) day in the Lakes.





Sunday started slow, we had managed to organise a late check out (thanks to the ever helpful Sean) so I sat sipping’ tea, trying to really embrace where I was for as long as possible. Though unfortunately, the time came.

We loaded the car and said goodbye to our home for the weekend. 



However, instead of just driving home, we decided on a little detour! to the castlerigg stone circle. A really short drive from the lodge, and in fact one of the walking routes from Derwentwater had we have not been with the girls. It was extremely windy! Rather cold but the views where just oh so worth it!!



Finally though, I could no longer prevent the inevitable and it was time to come home. Though I did get one last hurrah, because instead of travelling all the way home on the M6 we drove right through the lakes only using the motorway just before Lancaster. Scenic route!



So thats that, our amazing weekend in the Lake District. I have fallen utterly in love with the place, I’m debating us actually moving there, its just such a perfect place. Who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll call this glorious part of England our home.




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  1. Kerri-Ann
    Kerri-Ann says:

    Oh my goodness what a gorgeous post, it looks like a really dreamy stay. How disappointing about the accommodation. Those photos on the jetty are simply stunning. Thank you for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      It was really disappointing, not even because of the hot tub, it was just the attitude of the customer service that bugged me more. it was a case of “well tough shit. We didnt save the recording, so its your word against ours.” Really put a dampener on the excitement to go. Luckily the guys at the actual Keswick lodge were brilliant! And as of last week you can book directly with them, so I dont have to bother with Hoseasons when I’m booking Sam’s birthday trip away (we’re going without the kids this time! Eeeks!) xx

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      It really was, so much so I’m booking again to go for the husbands birthday in march. It is just so gorgeous isnt it! I cant believe I haven’t been before. It just so whimsical, so inspiring. everyday you turn there’s something beautiful to look at. I cant wait to go back! x

  2. Claire
    Claire says:

    We love the lakes and Derwentwater is especially lovely. These lodges look stunning but not sure about their customer service! I would have been very disappointed by the lack of hot tub too. #myfamilyadventures

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      It really is isnt it! I’m missing the place so badly!! No, Keswick lodge themselves were amazing! trying to fix everything as best they could, it was Hoseasons who we booked with that was the problem, luckily Keswick lodge have started being able to book directly, so I wont have to bother with hoseasons again for our next trip. x


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