Mischa’s Birthday Party : Photo diary.

Our Darling girl turned four last week. Four! Where on earth did those years go? Little background on Mischa’s birth: I fell pregnant whilst we where based in Cyprus. Mid pregnancy  we were posted to Germany & two weeks after we arrived I went into pre-term labour. I lay aching on the sofa all day whilst Sam was at work, thinking I had the flu. I didn’t have the flu. I was having a baby -kind of a massive difference-  Mischa Alexandra Elizabeth was born on March 11th 2011 at 11.34pm in the Gilead hospital, Bielefeld, Germany. Weighing a tiny 1lb 8 oz. She battled daily & finally on June 2nd 2011, she was allowed home. That was a truly amazing day!

Now we have an actual child, she’s clever, kind, compassionate yet so brutally honest, she has a ridiculously good memory & can be terrifyingly bossy.

She’s been talking about her birthday since last november, and every day since.

I booked a local community centre hall, and kept the invites to a minimum, I thought about inviting every kid she knew (60+ invites) but I wanted it to be a bit more of a family occasion.  And the less people invited the more I could focus on giving her party more of a personal/handmade touch rather than have to buy everything.

I made her outfit.




Made sweetie cones instead of the usual plastic toy filled goodie bags.


Obligatory party jelly!


I had my best friends mum (who also happens to be an amazing cake maker) make up Mischa’s cake, plus 24 mini cupcakes – because there’s just no such thing as too much cake!



I spent the morning before her party making up fresh baked batches of Smartie cookies. (Recipe for that will be up this evening – guaranteed chewy, chocolate- chipped goodness every time!)




And finally I rounded up a few of my nearest & dearest to help set up – because by this point I had spent two full days prepping, I was tired and had about half an hour to get everything ready before her everyone came.




I even managed to persuade everyone to jump in for a group photograph before it was over!



Everyone had an amazing day, I sent away lots of sugar filled children, weary adults and then set about the big clean up. It wasn’t so bad, I had limitless tea & complete silence.

But most importantly, Mischa had the best time ever, and even now nearly a week later she still tells me how much she enjoyed her special day.


The little woman pretends.

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