Home life project, January edition (2016)

A few days ago, I found my friend Clare over at Maybush studios has decided to start running a new linky – for non- blogging folk/ and bloggers like me that just don’t have a clue- This is a blog post link up, a subject is decided on by the host and at a chosen date bloggers can link up their posts, and everyone can go round seeing how others have interpritated this subject.

Clare’s is the Home life project. This is a photography based link up, on the first weekend of every month you can pick up your camera and spend the day taking photo’s of family life. This is the very first link up i’ve joined and the words ‘People who want to grow their photography’ was what got me so excited to join in. I am so far from a professional, but its something I really want to work on. Meaning, no matter if I think my photo’s are a bit rubbish, I’ll be able to document my progress as the months go on… I could do this without a link, but pushing myself into linking up my posts, knowing others ARE going to be looking… well that just makes me try a little bit harder to get some good shots.

Anyway i’ve rambled on enough now, so i’ll just get my photographs up.

Sunday 3rd January 2016 – A typically lazy sunday in our household.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 18.29.23










The last one isn’t particularly blog-esque… but it is completely honest. This is how I end most of my days! Right now we’re re-watching Luther.

Next month, I want to try & get some more of the girls, its such a struggle too keep them both in the same place, so LOTS of practice needed! This whole thing has been so much fun!

If you want a bit more information on the Link up, you can find it all on the Maybush Studio blog page  HERE


The little woman pretends.


Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 20.09.42



    • Ha ha. Sunday’s are my lie in day, I’m always awake when the kids get up, but I take advantage of it with an hour or so of un-interrupted sipping tea & reading. Its probably why Sunday’s are my favourite day.

  1. It’s such a fun project isn’t it?

    I think you’ve captured a cosy Sunday at home perfectly. I took mine on the same day as you and I really struggled with lighting. It was such a dark day!!

    The comfy cat and candles are my favourite photos. 🙂 xx

    • Oh I know! The lighting was terrible all day! The good thing about that though, was I really had to think about what my camera can do if its set right, something I’ve never really done before. They aren’t perfect photos, but i’m still a little bit proud of them. Thank you, Minky the cat is such a poser, she wasn’t really asleep, just kept on pretending whenever I pulled my camera out! ha ha.

  2. Aww this does look like a super Sunday. I love the candles and rainy window pic. Beautiful. Same as our Sunday, rather rainy. Great to be a part of this little linky #HomeLifeProject x

  3. I love your blog header. First time visiting but will look around more later. I think you did a great job capturing your day. Sweet girls in froze outfits. Happy New Year! #HomeLifeProject

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