Home life project – September edition.

I have to be honest here, I don’t believe this is my best Home life project edition, which I really was expecting it to be, seen as I’ve upgraded my photography kit in the past month – Happy birthday to me!- Anyway, So this month I documented our Monday. I did this because A) even though I both saw & commented on Clares Friday night HLP reminder post, I forgot. ha. and B) It was the last day of our Summer holidays, and I had a lovely little day planned for the girls.

So, Monday morning started pretty slow. I made croissants and tea, we sat at the kitchen table with the radio on, just enjoying that last morning of relaxation before the school year restarted. I headed off to a session for a little while, leaving the girls playing, before we spent the afternoon at the Trafford centre. I’d been promising the girls for ages that we’d go to the build a bear workshop there, and as I only passed my driving test a couple of months ago, I hadn’t quite yet built up the courage for a long drive on the motorway. However after our summer glamping, Im not really that scared of being on there anymore! so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get up there. The girls were so excited to pick their new cuddly best friends, and I have to say the whole experience was pretty heart warming. The staff there are so great with the kids, they are really involved with the whole process of building their bear. From peddling the stuffing in, to kissing their heart before its placed inside the bear, even to naming and creating a birth certificate for their new friend. It was lovely! The plan is to take them back at then end of each half term, if they have been given a good report, they get to choose a new accessory. win-win.

So, after that little adventure, we had a stroll, went to the food court for lunch, before rocking home to get their school uniforms named and set out. It really was a lovely way to spend the last day of the holidays.




The little woman pretends.


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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    As I think you know, I nearly always think every one is not my best, but it’s always better with distance! There was a great thing I heard from a newspaper cartoonist who said “I constantly look at stuff I did six months ago and think I wish I could be that good.” << That is so me! Anyway 3 left to go this year and it looks like it's just you and me holding on to the end and it's this weekend! x


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