Home life project- October.

For the past two months, i’ve skipped The home life project. Not without having a go first though, I just either got caught up in other stuff, or just didn’t like the photos I had produced. A lot has happened in the past two months, I seemed to have developed a real passion for photography. I now attend an evening course in Level 3 Photography, and in complete honesty, I  can’t remember the last day I didn’t pick up my camera. I haven’t yet been through my photos from earlier home life projects. But I think at the end of the year, when I do. This months will show a noticeable difference.

This month I feel like I really ‘got’ The home life project. Every single photo on todays post was completely organic, no posing, no planning. Just following the girls round with my camera for the day. There is quite a lot I missed out, We did actually take a trip into town on Saturday, but it seemed there was about 10,000 people with the same idea, it was far too a stressful experience for me to even think about taking out my camera. Our day really can be summed up as ‘relaxed’ (apart from the trip to town.) And I think one of my favourite photographs from todays post is Mischa sat on the sofa playing on her Nintendo DS.

Anyway, here are my photographs.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset





And thats it for another month of The home life project!


The little woman pretends.


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