Home life project – November edition.

This months Home life project, was all but forgotten about, until 11am on Sunday morning, I was slogging it out at the gym when i realised. Ooops. In my absolute defence though Izzy picked up some sort of Sickness bug on Friday, so the entire weekend has been spent cradling her and trying to get her to nibble on toast and sip water. Not really HLP worthy.

Anyway, I did manage to grab a few images, but not enough to actually link up to the home life project linky. But I thought i’d post them anyway. There’s only four.


So there we are. Not my best HLP. But I WILL do better next month, especially since the Christmas decorations will be up… Hello twinkly light backgrounds!

Here’s the link for Novembers Home life project, here you can find people that actually remembered to have a go this month.



The little woman pretends.


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