Home life project: May.

Sorry about the lack of posts over on here recently. I’m just away doing other things at the minute, you know what its like, so much to do, so little time to do it in! Anyway, I really wanted to get an entire year of Homelife project captures this year, so there was no way I was missing this months edition. I actually planned to do something a little more seasonal this month, what with the days becoming a little warmer, but Izzy spent the weekend feeling a little poorly, and in all honestly I had one glass too many on Friday night so I wasn’t as fresh as I’d have hoped to be on Saturday morning. However, we decided on a lazy morning followed by an afternoon bowling, some time in the arcades and a dinner to finish off. It was the perfect Saturday plan.

I’m not overly in love with the bowling alley photos, as I mentioned I wasn’t really on top form, my settings are all off and theres a little too much grain there. However, they aren’t completely terrible so I’ve kept them in anyway. Other than that, I’m rather pleased, the bacon shot is a personal fave, I can smell that sizzling smoked scent of bacon every time I look at it! YUM!





The little woman pretends.





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