Home life project: July edition.

I feel like our days are getting busier & busier at the minute and this weekend was no exception. I’m having some real issues staying asleep recently, its like I’ve developed some insane fear of being late for anything, waking up in the middle of the night to check the time and stuff. So Saturday morning started with me leaping up & freaking out that I’d missed my alarm and was late for school…. Only, It was Saturday morning, and no alarm was set to go off.  This is literally the tenth time this has happened, I think I might be going slightly crazy. Ha ha. Anyway, After I finally convinced myself it was in fact weekend. I tottered downstairs with the girls for a much needed tea. After a morning spent pottering around the house doing little jobs, we headed up to Euxton golf park. Its not too far from us, and as well as having the usual golf activities they also do loads of really cool – family friendly games like football golf, kick darts and football pool. Though we didn’t actually go up for a family day out, more so I could grab some photos for their website before the sun disowned us again.

Once I’d finished work, we had just enough time to make it to one of Mischa’s school friends birthday party. Typical play centre do, the kids ran riot, I wondered why the hell I started driving when it means I now can’t indulge in a glass of wine at one of those places – Ha- The one great thing about those play centres is you leave with tired kids. And tired they where! The TV in the girls room broke on Friday night, so we took it back to sainsburys after the party for an exchange… only, our local store aren’t stocking electrical goods at the moment so we left empty handed. The kids are only allowed the TV on in their room on weekends, so of course Izzy threw an absolute bitch fit at being told there would be no TV on Saturday night. You can see that exact moment right at the very end of this editions collection.


I did have a little try at this months Challenge (negative space) but overall my main focus of the day was just capture things, anything amongst the business.

You can see all of my July HLP photos below.



So that was our Saturday!


The little woman pretends.

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