Home life project – February’s edition (2016)

Its that time of month again, time for the Home life project. This month I’ve chosen Sunday again. I took a ton of photo’s over the weekend, but so many just didn’t make the cut, Sunday was the only day I had time to really have a proper go. Its still cold and quite dark out (the joys of winter!) So rather than trying to get lots of light and airy photos, I thought I would embrace the dark tones. They aren’t the most exciting of photographs, it wasn’t the most exciting of days, but I thoroughly appreciate that The home life project isn’t about staged photographs, but a selection of shots from our normal family life.

Here are the ones that did make the cut:












The little woman pretends.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 20.09.42


  1. I love that night sky shot! The one thing I love about where we live is no street lights! Oh and breakfast looked yummy too 🙂 (Linking up with the Home Life Project)

    • Oh me too, its actually rain against the window, but I loved it because it looked so much like a twinkly sky! Thanks for popping by, i’m making my rounds now. x

    • Ahh thank you, I ended up with about three that were light, all the rest where just so dark (most of them never made the cut). They are the best yorkshire puddings ever! Dipped in real gravy, just perfection! x

  2. Dammit! I nearly took a rain photo on Sunday and now I wish I had, though I confess I never would have thought of doing it in the dark and that one is so cool! Is that a bacon and egg banjo at the top? Kerri-Ann had one in her post too and I’m craving a good butty now. What was the place in Cyprus called that we used to get the toasties from?

    • Ahhh, I am wracking my brain and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called! Yep Bacon & egg (just bacon for me) the only thing to eat on a Sunday morning x

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