Home life project: February.

This months Home life project, is a little different to how my usual ones are, only because I ended up splitting it up over two days. Saturday afternoon out with the girls ended up being so stressful, I didn’t really have chance to take my camera out and I really liked Saturday mornings photographs, so I just decided to finish it off on Sunday instead.

Our weekend wasn’t really that eventful, it was actually perfect. Everything been so hectic recently, I just wanted to cancel all plans and just be. Which is exactly what happened. We had a lovely lazy morning in bed with the girls. Followed by a lunch out – which wasn’t an all that good experience. I hadn’t eaten all day, they forgot my order, lied about it…. and then sent out the tiniest slither of chicken and some wilted lettuce on bread out too me. – I ordered a club sandwich. I don’t really deal with the hunger that well. Ha ha It should be mentioned they did take it back, send out a very delicious replacement lunch and gave us free desserts to compensate though, so it wasn’t all bad.

Sunday went even slower, Sam made a whole Sunday lunch, leaving me to binge watch four hours of modern family whilst the girls played. I did NOTHING! All day long, other than loading the dishwasher, putting on a wash and showering the girls… I did absolutely nothing. Perfect.



So thats this months home life project. I did completely forget about this months challenge which was Reflections. I really must start making more of an effort with those! And, I didn’t get any photos that I liked with me in them – So this month I really want to practice getting myself in some of these shots, naturally. I’m so ridiculously uncomfortable in front of a camera and it shows! But practice makes perfect doesn’t it? Also Clare (Home life project host) sent me over this really good link last week that gives some amazing tips on getting yourself in on lifestyle pics.

It should be a very productive month, photography wise. Hopefully I’ve made some progress for next months edition.


The home life project.


  1. Stunning photos, of what certainly looks like a perfect, cosy, family weekend. And oh my goodness, that roast dinner is making me hungry. x

    • Oh it was so ridiculous! If we hadn’t have had the kids with us I wouldn’t have been overly bothered, but I only have the window of when they’re eating, to eat myself. Of course, by the time my lunch had finally come, they had already finished. So I had to shove it my mouth and leave. Or face the wrath of their restlessness. Ha ha. Ah thank you! xx

    • Ah, thank you! Yeah, that was just the beginning of a stressful afternoon, luckily Sunday was the complete opposite. The roast was delicious. I’m still kind of full from it now! ha ha xx

  2. having a day doing nothing is so good, but harder than it seems to achieve. I am getting better at leaving social media alone and letting the to do list drift and spending time mooching and reading the papers. Don’t tell Jim, but on Saturday when he was out with Theo (and Alice was in bed) I even had a doze on the sofa… simple luxuries that we often deny ourselves! I have loved watching your photographic style develop, it has such a warmth to it and these photos are lovely.

    • How dare you take a nap! Ha ha My favourite thing to do when everyone is out, is to make a brew and sit in absolute silence. No noise at all. its incredible…. Thank you Clare, it really means a lot. HLP Has been fantastic for me to not only have a big album of our family memories, but to measure my growth with photography.

  3. I must admit, it’s also one of the things I find frustrating about this project. Because I’m the one taking photos, I’m rarely in them which makes me a bit sad. I’m trying to get braver with that though and I’ll check out the link that Clare sent you.

    Absolutely love your photography style. 🙂


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