Home life project: February 2018.

I wont lie, this weekend has been so hectic, I completely forgot it was HLP weekend!

Luckily, I had a lovey Sunday night adventure planned anyway, and I took my camera. I did remember that I was supposed to be shooting the project whilst the girls where getting ready for said adventure, and managed to get a couple, then some really greta shots of being out and about. However once we got back, it was washing, dinner, bath the girls and collapse in bed myself. So its not really a thorough collection I have to share today.

However, I do have something. So I’ll just share those instead.

So, Sunday, after a really busy weekend, celebrating various birthdays, drinking a little too much, I needed to go somewhere quite on Sunday. I love that we’ve been getting out on these adventures near every weekend recently, it really makes a difference to my whole week just having those few hours on a warm Sunday afternoon, exploring, just being somewhere natural. anyway, so we got wrapped up, went for some lunch before heading over to Beacon Fell. A gorgeous set of woodlands in the heart of Lancashire. It takes up an entire hill… though its not really a hill. I’m unsure what it is, either way a couple of years ago, Sam and I found the most gorgeous little spot off the track that has incredible views over Lancashire, seeing out as far as Blackpool! it truly is perfect.

Anyway, seen as those are really the only photos I have, I’ll just get them up.



So, thats it. Febuarys Home life project.


Hopefully next month I’ll have my shit together a little bit more! Ha.



Home Life Photography Project
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