Home life project: August edition.

I have really let the blog go this summer. It makes me sad to see it so neglected! In my absolute defence though, I’ve been busy setting up my photography business – how exciting is that eh!- And with the girls off school, its become a ginormous weight off to just not panic about blog posts. And technically, I’m all about living with the seasons – isn’t that what summer is about? just blowing lives pressures away and living freely amongst the sunshine?! I’m clutching at straws here aren’t I! ha ha.

Anyway, I have been updating once a month with a home life project post, and this month is no different. We’ve made it to August, already! The year is flying by!

A lot has happened over this past month, like I  mentioned above, I’ve just started up my own photography business, so every day for me revolves around getting the best photos I possibly can. The brilliant thing about this project, is actually. It doesn’t take much – if any- thinking time. You just shoot. Just follow and shoot. Which exactly what I’ve done this weekend.

For this months session I photographed our Sunday. Soley because I knew it would be as close to staying at home all day as it ever would be in these increasingly busy times. So after a relaxed morning at home, I did a little work and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon pottering around doing some cleaning, getting that Sunday roast cooked and dying izzys hair blue. Yep really – though, It is only. wash out one, so nothing to be alarmed about!

We entered the early evening by watching movies, the girls then went mental and started wrestling each other, before shower and bed time.

And that was that. A beautiful Sunday.




I would have liked a little more sunshine – what with it being THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! But, this rainy weather isn’t all bad. Its kind of making me all excited for Autumn.


The little woman pretends.





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