The home life project: April.

I actually had no idea it was home life project weekend, well not until about 5pm on Sunday evening anyway. I had it in my head that it was next weekend! Luckily this weekend I felt the urge to get out my camera a bit more (maybe this was my subconscious’s way of telling me I was supposed to be doing HLP!) I have spent the last week with the wide angle lens on my camera. It wasn’t a cheap lens, one I got for Christmas and I had become so comfortable with the 35mm I wanted to see what the wide angle could do with a bit of practice. So, I kept it on all week and got some pretty good shots!



I was however relieved to have that gorgeous depth of field, the lightweight and sleek 35mm came back and I was eager to have a play. This months edition of HLP has no story, On Saturday we spent the morning in bed, before heading over to Ribby hall village to try out their new pirate ship pool. we did a KFC dinner followed by a relaxing evening at home and our weekly movie night (This week we finally watched fantastic beasts and where to find them.)

And on Sunday, we lazed about for a bit, did a food shop, I went for a run and made a roast dinner, and that was pretty much it. None of my photos reflect any of this. Ha. But here they are anyway.


I will have to remind myself properly next month. Then I’ll be able to have a proper go!


The little woman pretends.



  1. I think its hilarious that you got such good photos when you didn’t even know you were supposed to be taking them!! I really need to get better with my Twitter reminders!! :-O

    • Its lucky I was eager to have a play really. Though I know I could of got so many good ones if I had been paying more attention! ha. I got a clicker last week as well (one of those remote shutter toggle things – obviously not the technical term!) and I was really looking forward to practice being in them. Next months will be much better!

  2. A proper go ? These photos are stunning and such a great look into your weekend.

    The light in the bike roading photo simply beautiful.

    Your girls have such natural beauty.

    ps can I ask where you got the Pokemon toys from, my daughter has just seen he picture and is desperate for some.

    • Oh thank you so much! lots of lovely compliments there! Yes they where from Amazon and about £20 for 140 of them, they were & still are her favourite birthday present! ha ha xx

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