The home life project: April edition.

I missed last months Home life project and so this month I really wanted to work hard to get some good shots of our day. For April’s edition I decided to shoot our Saturday. We did have plans to go to a local farm (I was really looking forward to documenting that for the HLP), but its April and we live in the north-west of England, so obviously it rained all day long. Instead we decided on a relaxed morning at home followed by venturing out into our local town centre for a bit of shopping.

I planned on documenting our entire day, but for some reason (I suspect its something to do with age..) My camera is not dealing well with any low light situations at the minute. Over the course of the day I took around 200 photos, only eleven made the cut, all of which were before about 3pm, when the sky turned a dark shade of grey and nearly all natural light was gone.


Saturday 2nd April: Making the most of a rainy day. 















It might not have been as much fun as going to snuggle newborn chicks for the day, but a trip into Lush – who were as fabulously accommodating with my girls, and their need to touch everything as they always are – followed by a stop off for cake at Patisserie Valerie wasn’t a bad way to spend the early afternoon at all.



The little woman pretends.

*If you’d like more information on how to take part in the Home life project, pop over to the linky’s host Maybush studio. She has lots of helpful tips and tricks. Plus, rules if you want to take part and the archives for the months we’ve already done.*

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 20.09.42










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    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      I very stupidly didn’t get one. I did get to enjoy the scraps of Izzy’s strawberry & cream stack though. Mum perks! ha ha. I’m planning to go back one morning next week when the kids are both back in School, I’ll get to enjoy a whole one to myself. Thanks for popping by. x

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Oh me too! I would spend all day in there if the husband would let me. We really did! Ahh thank you, I have absolutely no idea where i got it from, 2 months and seven rooms to decorate before we could move in means it could have been from anywhere! ha ha Thanks for popping by x


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