The home life project 2017 : January.

It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago that it was Decembers HLP, but here we are in a brand new month and a brand new year! I’ve been so excited about this months edition, mainly because I rarely have my camera out of my hand nowadays, and I don’t blog much about family life, but our days together really are my favourite thing to photograph.. so its nice to be able to share some of those family photos over here.

So, anyway. This month. I wasn’t really sure what day I was going to photograph this weekend, but then I had a ton of college work to get through on Friday – so that ruled that day out- and on Saturday our day out plans had to be postponed whilst sam recovered from illness *Hangover* So, I just left it until yesterday. We had no real plan in mind, but I’ve been eager to get out of the house a lot more recently, so we settled on somewhere outdoorsy, and seen as we did a woodland hike earlier on in the week, it made more sense to go to the beach. So after a slow morning, we wrapped up warm and spent the majority of the day chasing the tide out on a very foggy beach. *At one point, I had no idea which direction we had come from, or which direction we should have been going, it was so weird, and obviously  unnerving… turns out you follow the tide lines and hope for the best before the tide starts coming back in again!*  After a long walk, breathing in all that refreshing sea air, we headed to a pub close by for  lunch, before heading back home too lounge before the girls were bathed and put into bed. It truly was a lovely Sunday.



…And then of course there was the January Challenge which I dedicated a lot of time to thinking about, but left it so late to actually do! This is about three minutes before bath time, I didn’t want to force them into any poses or anything, so I think I just about managed to grab one before they noticed. It was so weird peering in on the family from outside… felt a little bit like a stalker. Ha ha.


So, thats that. The first Home life project of the year. Its great to be starting a brand new year with this, I can’t wait to see where the year takes us.



The little woman pretends.


  1. Lovely photos especially the beach ones. The fog on the beach sounds a bit scary. I’m glad I attempted the window challenge too. I know what you mean about stalking though!

    • Hahaha It was such a weird feeling wasn’t it?! I was just stood outside with my Camera, staring in on them all and feeling like such a weirdo!

  2. Love your beach photos and I promise it’s not just cause I went to the beach yesterday too! And you know your disorientated in the fog thing, I just read a book where that happened in the plot and the tide was coming in and the woman had to climb up cliffs to avoid drowning! :-O

    • Ahh I know, its seems a few of us went to the beach this weekend. Its so refreshing on a cold winters day – as long as you’re wrapped un anyway! OMG I was pretending to Sam, I was cool… we’ll just keep walking – but inside I was a little bit terrified that it would start coming in behind us without knowing. Ha ha So irrational.

  3. I don’t think I’ve been on your blog before – but your photos are incredible. They really tell the story of your day and make me want to see more. I am so glad I am joining in with this project this year and can’t wait to see more of your days in photos x

    • Wow, thats quite the compliment! Thank you so much! Oh me too, this time last year I was just about figuring out how to use my rubbish old camera, hoping to get something half decent for HLP, its really pushed me forward each month to just try and do a little bit better than last time. x

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