Death by chocolate Halloween Doughnuts.

Its here. Our Halloween weekend has started! and i’m not even ashamed to say I’ve been planning this years halloween party since the beginning of September. Costumes have been sorted (i’ll have more about that on Monday.) decorations have been arriving on a staggered basis for nearly two months (I bought a led light fog machine. *EEEKS*) The last thing to figure out has been the food! I’ll be honest, I still haven’t actually decided what i’ll be serving. Last year it was am mountain of hotdogs sliced to look like fingers. I’m thinking of maybe making a giant cheese topped chilli &  side bowl of nachos?

Anyway, less of what I haven’t figured out yet and more of what I have. One thing I’ll definitely be making this year are doughnuts, if you read this post, you’ll know how much I love my doughnut tray, and whats better than themed doughnuts?! Nothing, is better than themed doughnuts!!

So, I will of course be showing you how to make up these Triple Chocolate chip doughnuts with a spooky twist.


Here’s what you’ll need:

175g self raising flour,

175g caster sugar,

175g softened butter,

50g cocoa powder,

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder,

3 eggs,

100g chocolate chips,

200g white chocolate,

Food colouring of your choice – I’ve gone with Green, purple and orange.

Sprinkles of your choice. I’ve stuck with halloween themed colours.



And here’s what you’ll need to do:

First, its time to make up the chocolate chip sponge cake. To do this, simply tip your butter and sugar into a bowl, giving it a good whisk up, you want to end up with a lovely fluffy creamy consistency.


Next up add in your eggs, and give another good whisk up.


Now its time to add your dry ingredients. So, your flour, baking powder and cocoa powder.


And finally, its time to add some double chocolate goodness, in the form of chocolate chips. Pour ’em in and give it all a good stir with a spoon.


Now you can spoon your chocolatey cake mixture into your pre-buttered donut tray, if your fancy you can pipe your cake mixture in, it is neater… but I, for some reason find it ridiculously difficult to use a piping bag.


Cook at 180, 160 (fan) or gas mark 4,  for 10- 15 minutes, or until firm. Once you’ve taken them out of the oven, you must set them aside and just leave them to sit and cool for at least five minutes. When it comes to taking them out you’ll see that they then will tip out easily and whole.


Once your donuts have cooled, you can decorate. To do this, i’ve simply snapped up white chocolate into three separate bowls, I microwaved each bowl for 60 seconds, before giving it a through stir. I then added a couple of drops of food colouring to each one (Orange, green and purple. ) before dunking in those doughnuts.



Now its time for the fun bit. Getting those sprinkles out!


Finally, you can serve up your spooky halloween treats.

Halloween really is an amazing time of year, I think its because it marks the start of the holiday season, and because every year our halloween party gets more over the top. These really are the perfect sweet treat to add to your spooky table.


The little woman pretends.

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