The gallery wall update.

There’s been lots of work going on in the hall over the past few weeks, and whilst my work has come to a standstill – i’m waiting for Sam to make a start on fitting the new stair rails-  I thought I’d get started on another project in there. Updating the gallery wall going up the stairs.

I first started gathering my collection of frames back when we lived in Germany and although there has been a few minor updates, it was five years ago and some of the frames/photo’s have become tatty and outdated.


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.47.56

I’ve been collecting a few little bits over the past few months, mainly bookmarking specific websites that offer gorgeous free printables. Little gold pixie, Mrs Fancee, Short stop designs , Hymns and verses and my absolute favourite Oh so lovely.  just to name a few.

All I needed to do then was choose between the many designs available, download and print on some good quality photograph paper. Easy!

A couple of my favourites are this sketched letter S from Shanty 2 chic and this lovely monthly moon print from Free people. 



Another thing to think about was frame sizes, order and theme. I decided straight away to boycott any theme – although there are some lovely pre matched printables-  I’m a person with many tastes, I know what I like and I stuck with it. I decided on what would go in which frame based on the prints ability to be shrunk down or enlarged without distortion and got to work re-filling the frames.



When it came to which order they went in, I only re-shuffled a few frames, keeping most exactly where they were. I wanted to stretch down towards the bottom of the stairs a bit more (it was looking a little bare). Once I had decided and eleven printouts later, I hammered in those nails, gave everything a good polish and stood back to admire my quick and easy Saturday morning upgrade.



There are lots of little spaces that still need filling, I’m going to keep an eye out for little treasures to fill those. The difference isn’t massive, but reorganising that area has been one of those little things bugging me every time I go up and down those stairs, now its another thing ticked off my house ‘to do’ list.



To find print offs, simply search ‘free wall printables’ or something similar into Google or Pinterest. So many will come up, but i’ve linked up some of my favourite websites further up. If you decide to share a photo of your new wall art up on Facebook or instagram, don’t forget to tag the site you got it from, just ‘cos its nice to be nice, these are after all free and so much effort goes into each one.



The little woman pretends.

*I’ve been asked where a few of the prints come from already, so i’m just going to add links here.*

Arrow print

Gold paint dash. 



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