Fixin’ up a car boot haul.

As i’ve mentioned before (about 9 million times) I love a good car boot. My home is made up of about 20% Ikea & 80% of other peoples junk restored to fit in with my interior vibe. About three months ago I found the most beautiful set of drawers at my local car boot sale, imagine my absolute joy at being told he only wanted a tenner for them!





I know they’re a little battered, the handles don’t match and they’ve been patched up with new bits of wood. But I just loved them so much. Originally they were supposed to go up in my sewing room, but they fitted so perfectly in the living room, so thats where they settled.




Fast forward a few months and I finally decided to give them a much needed makeover. I’m drawn to darker shades at the moment (As you’ll see in next weeks Sewing room re-dec post) and with my living room being very much a light and airy beige-fest,  I fancied mixing it up with a very dramatic piece of furniture. So I went for a dark slate grey, contrasting the dark with some light brass handles – which I didnt want to replace because I really like that they’re all different. I painted the drawers with a mixture of Johnstone’s wood paint (black) and a basic white matt wall emulsion and I used Plastikote in Brass for the handles.


A couple of hours of spraying and painting, a couple more literally sat watching paint dry – I’m always so eager to see the finished project – And I now have a beautiful, completely unique and actually rather expensive looking corner drawer set. All in all costing less than twenty pounds. As I said before, I really do LOVE a car boot sale.






The little woman pretends.

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