Updating the shabby bathroom.

For some reason the bathroom has always been only half assed decorated. Although I did spend a whole two days in there, in late 2015 stencilling the floor – which by the way looked gorgeous, but I spilt copper hair dye on it, It stained, looked like I had murdered someone in there! So It needed to be covered- Other than that, I have tried to do a few quick fixes, but nothing that really feels luxurious. I’m a sucker for a hot bubble bath, I pop on some of the Harry Potter audio book, have a rifle through my most recent lush haul and soak my worries away. So it really needed to be somewhere a little more relaxing.

Before I go into project details, here’s the room before. Its messy, unorganised and all looking a little un-cared for.


I didn’t really have any immediate intentions on giving the room an entire overhaul, but what started out as some simple wood-work refreshing, turned into an obsessed… and here we are less than a week later.

After Cleaning up the bath panel, the box around the pipes behind the sink and the radiator cover, I nipped off to B&Q and found the perfect colour for my walls…. Devonshire green.


I actually found it by matching it up to a napkin I stole from Frankie and Benny’s the day before – paper napkin btw, I’m sure I am allowed to take those!- Its dark and moody, luxurious but fresh, not to mention green is Panatones ‘colour of the year’ – for those not in the know, that means interior lovers all over the country are working this colour into their rooms this year.

It was perfect! But also a little terrifying. I won’t lie, I almost thought I hated it after that first coat went up. But once I covered those patches with a second coat, oh man… I was SO in love!


Couple of notes about this paint, if you’re looking to buy something similar. Its mixed there and then over at the Valspar paint mixing station. Now, I had a bit of an issue with the guy who served me, I pointed up to the board with prices on, asking for the 2.5 litre (£22) in Devonshire green.. I asked if it would cost extra to have the mid-sheen, No, no problems, it would cost the same as the matt. When I came to pay it was £28.

Apparently, its not from there ‘standard range’ – though there wasn’t one single sign about their different ranges for emulsion – unless of course it was in teeny- tiny writing on a post it note somewhere. My physically pointing to what I wanted to buy wasn’t enough for him to just let me know “actually this isn’t from our standard range, that colour will cost a bit extra” Anyway, its no big deal, but it just bugged me. So beware of their “ranges” especially if buying bigger amounts.

Back to the makeover. After, finishing the painting and letting everything dry overnight. I got started on some of the woodwork I wanted to get up in there. Shelves for the back wall above the bath and one of those cool wooden  over the bath racks. Of course, I popped to my favourite supply store Savoy timber (seriously, these guys should be paying me for advertising by now! ha) and picked up my wood. total cost £7.39.

As well as the little diy accessories, I of course bought some other little pretties. Including the prettiest bath mat from Dunelm mill (£9), Two plants (both Homebase) and a new toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. (Dunelm & Wilkos.)


Finally, I got to put it all together and step back to admire mum new luxurious (on a budget) bathroom.


Now obviously, If I was allowed, I would just rip the entire thing out and start again, but seen as this is a “council house” and of course, I’m not loaded, It really is the next best thing. Its a little bit fresher, a little bit more relaxing and I cant wait to have a long soak in here. (Which will be tonight, with wine and of course the Harry Potter audio book!)

Before and afters?

And of course It isn’t completely finished yet! – when is it ever finished?!- but I do want to either build or buy a under the sink cabinet to hide all of our bits and bobs, and add coving all around the room. It might be finished then.


The little woman pretends.

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    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Oh me too, I did nearly have a breakdown once I started painting the walls, however, once all those patches had been covered and it had finally dried, I was just in love with it! Thank you! xx

  1. Salma instagram name:kousarmenaal
    Salma instagram name:kousarmenaal says:

    This is really good. I have major issues with my bathroom as it is way way too small to fit any storage. I might try under the sink storage but the bath pops out a bit and I’m stuck for other ideas. Your towel shelves have given me an idea but I’d have to put them above the toilet. Hmm….. much to think about. My bathroom is all white but the main wall I’d bright purple!! I love the mirror area you have . It looks quite regal. Good job on the whole thing.

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Ahh Thank you Salma, its all about utilising the small space you have. cant swing a cat in mine – ha ha – But everything is much more functional now, and SO much more prettier! xx

  2. Gemma Linfoot-King
    Gemma Linfoot-King says:

    I think yr bathroom looks beautiful and its given me the confidence to go ahead and buy the Devonshire green! Got a tester on my bedroom wall but was scared as the patchy bits are not the colour I want. Great to see how it works so well in yr bathroom


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