Faux fur collar.



It feels like months have passed since i’ve been on my sewing machine. I’ve done a few alterations, but other than that it actually has been months since i’ve sat down and made up something pretty. So I thought i’d jump back into it with this beautiful (and really simple) faux fur collar. Any clothing shop you go into right now will have jackets adorned with these, this is a quick  up-date on your current jacket. It can also be worn as a scarf over a chunky knit jumper.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Faux fur, about a mitre in length, width depends solely on how thick you want your collar.
  • Lining fabric. this can be something cheap and cheerful, i’ve gone for a white satin. you can use anything. A colour to match or contrast.
  • Fabric shears.
  • Dressmakers pins.
  • My FREE pattern, you can find that a bit further down.



Here’s what you need to do.

So first up, we need a pattern. There are two ways to do this, you can either print of the pattern I have made (I am 4 foot 11″ and a size 8. This goes down to my waist) print it off, cut it out and tape it together, have a see if you like the width and length. Its so easy to add (or take away) a couple of inches if you want to adjust. The pattern is in three parts, you can find them Here, here & here.


If you don’t have a printer, its not a problem. grab some cheap fabric, something you’re really not going to use, an old sheet is perfect for this. Cut off a big strip, longer and wider than you want (You can always trim, you can’t add the fabric back on, so always cut more tha you’ll need unless using a pattern) Now simply grab your dressmakers pins and have a play around with sizes, in no time you’ll have something that fits perfectly to you.

So now we’ve got our pattern, fold your lining fabric in half colour side down. I’ve gone for this white satin, its a slippery fabric to work with, so if you’re not that confident stick to a cotton. Now Pin your pattern to your fabric, you want the top edge of the pattern pinned directly on the fold, so when you open it out it will be one long piece.




Next, grab your Fur. Although the fold in half method is quicker, with fabric this thick it isn’t exactly easier, and you’re more prone to mistakes. So open it out fully, pin the coloured (or in my case shiny) side face down to the fur.


Now cut around your pattern.



Next, we need to sew. So starting from the inner neck area, sew around, leaving your 1/2″ seam allowance. DONT sew all the way around, you need to leave a gap of around 3 inches at the end, making the hole you’ll need to use to turn it all out. Back stitch to secure your stitch at the end and take out of your machine. *There is an alternative method that will need to change this section slightly, i’ll get to that at the end.*




So now, the majority of your two fabrics are sewn together. Using a combination of gentle tugs and a chopstick (My go to tool for turning out fabrics) you want to turn the fabric the right way round, it might take a little effort, but be careful, any ragging and you risk ripping it.


Now, grabbing your needle and thread, you want to pinch the raw edge of your lining under, so its on the inside and  sew the folded edge of the lining to the fur tightly. if pulled tight enough and if sewn neatly you won’t see this at all. I’ve used a simple running stitch. Be sure to knot your thread at the end as well, or it will just pull out.



And thats it, your faux fur collar is ready to wear over your coat. A quick and simple update bringing an old coat into the current season!

* I mentioned an alternative method a few steps ago, this is incase you want to actually attach your fur to your coat, I didnt need to do this, you’ll find most good quality faux furs are quite heavy and the coat I’ll be wearing this with, I never fasten anyway, so I didnt feel the need. If however you want your fur collar to stay in one place, you can attach a small piece of looped elastic between the seams at the bottom (both ends) of your fur collar on the step with the *. You then attach a button on the inside of your jacket at the same level on one side, and hoop the elastic over existing coat button and the button you’ve just added on the other side. -I hope all of this makes sense?!-


Slap on some red lipstick, throw on your faux fur, you’re glam and ready to brave the cold.




The little woman pretends.




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