Easy children’s Bloomer Tutorial.


Is there really anything cuter than a little squishy baby in bloomers? No. no there isn’t!

Bloomers were & still are a massive seller, back when I used to sell handmade children’s clothing ( all those 1 months ago!), and its not hard to see why, so many combinations of fabrics to make something so ridiculously adorable.

There are many ways to make a pair of bloomers, I’m giving you the super easy version.

Difficulty rating: Easy.

Time to make: 30 minutes max.


Heres what you’ll need.


-Fabric, a Fat Quarter will do, but always buy extra, that way you don’t have to work under the pressure of a mistake will mean having to stop to go & buy more fabric.

-Tape measure

-Dressmakers pins

-Elastic, 1/4″ thick, you can buy this in bundles over on ebay (and other places) I always recommend you have a small supply of this in.

-Fabric shears

-Bloomer pattern.

Here are your free Bloomer patterns, I have four sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months & 12 -24 months. I will try and get some larger sizes patterns up soon (if they are requested.) These sizes aren’t restricted to this age, you’ll find that they’ll last a lot longer than the age it was meant to.

0-3 months: http://thelittlewomanpretends.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/0-3months.jpg

3-6 months: http://thelittlewomanpretends.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/3-6-months.jpg

6-12 months: http://thelittlewomanpretends.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/6-12-months.jpg

12-24 months: http://thelittlewomanpretends.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/12-24m.jpg


Now lets start!

First you need to print off your required size pattern, you can do that by clicking one of the above links & printing. simple as that. once you’ve got it printed you’ll need to cut it out, I’ve already incorporated the seam & hem allowance into the pattern, so just cut across the black lines. I’ve noted below what the numbers are on the pattern, other than the age, you don’t really need to pay any attention to that just yet.




Next you need to get your fabric and fold across, making sure the fabric will fill across the pattern cut out.


And pin your pattern to the fabric, the fully straight side going against the fold on the fabric.



Now we cut.



You need two of these pieces, so do exactly the same as you’ve just done again. Until you have two identical pieces of fabric.



Now, we open out the fabric and put both pieces front to front (the pattern side both on the inside. Pin down the sides 1/2″ in and across the bottom & then sew. You want to set the stitch on your machine to the smallest straight stitch.

*REMEMBER… Don’t forget your back stitch, at the beginning & at the end of your stitch or it won’t keep tight.  You can finish these seams of with an overlocker like I do, or using only your sewing machine (click hear for that tutorial)




Now you have the base of your bloomers. They’re a bit massive & aren’t very cute at the moment,but don’t worry, it will all come together!




Next we need to give your raw edges a better finish, so remembering what I said in the Sewing & securing a seam tutorial, follow the same rules. Fold & fold again, securing with a pin, first around the waist of the bloomers.




Once you’ve secured your fold, you can take to your sewing machine & sew it.



Now you can move on & do the last two steps to the leg holes, it is a bit tricky around the inner thigh part, but be patient & try to give as even a fold as possible. Another step done.




This next part is completely optional. If you want to add any extra trims, or in my case pom poms, now is the time to do it. Really easy to do, simply line up where you would like your trim to go, pin to secure, then sew taking out the pins as you go.




Now its time to add the frills… Or add the elastic that will make the frills. I mentioned before that there are many ways to make bloomers, today I’m teaching you what I think is the easiest way. First, using the measurements on the front of your pattern, you measure & cut your elastic. You need one waist & two legs. First we’re working on the waist, so you now simply line up the edge of your elastic up at the top, on the inside of your bloomers (not the very top, bring it down to where your stitch is that you did to hide the raw edge). Go over back and forth a few times using your back stitch to really secure and then slowly pulling your elastic out you sew, stretching your elastic until the end meets with where you started. Remembering to go over it a few times again with your back stitch to finish.




Done! They’re starting to look a bit more bloomer-ish.



Now we do exactly the same with the leg holes, remembering to back stitch to secure & to place the elastic slightly below the edge, so your fabric has room to frill.



And, thats it your bloomers are done!



You can turn your bloomers into a co-ordinating set, making up a matching head tie (tutorial here) or a bow. The possibilities for fabric & trim bloomer combinations really are endless!

Here are a few of my favourites.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 15.36.56


Don’t forget I love seeing your hard work, so if you do decide to tackle this tutorial this week, I’d be so happy to see your finished piece.

Happy friday!


The little woman pretends.

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    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Hi there, I don’t have a premade one, however its SO easy to adapt this pattern, What I would do is print out the larges one (12-24months) and add 2″ to the waist measurement and 1″ to the leg. Have a go on some tester fabric first, then adjust where it needs it. The great thing about these bloomers are that they aren’t “fitted” because they are elasticated you’ll find even the smallest size lasts for way longer than the age/size it says. Good luck, let me know how you get on. xxx


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