DIY: Tassel garland.


Pinterest, Instagram. They both have an overload of photographs featuring these pretty little things. I can’t believe i’ve dared  call myself a blogger when I haven’t once featured a tassel garland photograph! Well today that’s changed, and i’m going to show you how to make your very own.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tissue paper, Three or four colours, at least three sheets of each. I’ve gone with three colours, three sheets of each, making 18 tassels altogether.
  • String
  • Scissors (NOT fabric scissors, you’ll damage the blade cutting paper)
  • Glue gun/gluesitck/cellotape.



Here’s what you do:


First, grab your sheets of tissue paper (you can do this with one piece of paper at a time, or you can do what I have done & layered all the pieces of the same colour on top of each other. It saves a ton of time cutting each sheet individually). Fold in half, and then fold in half again the other way. So I first folded from left to right in half, and then half again from top to bottom.




Now, grabbing your scissors, you want to start cutting 1/2″ strips up the paper, stopping about 3 inches before you reach the top.



Continue this process, snipping strips all the way to the end of the sheet.




Next, Separate one sheet of paper from the rest, laying it flat out on your surface. Cut all the way UP (not across) the centre fold, giving two sheets to be made into tassels.




Put one sheet to the side, turning the other sheet round so the tassels are on either side. If you are using a piece of tissue paper that isn’t double sided, flip it so the coloured side is on the bottom.



Now, start rolling the paper, from bottom all the way up to the top. Tip: stop every now and again to untangle the tassels either side, they can get tangled, just give a quick shake, don’t pull at the tassels, they easily rip off.


You will end up with something that looks like this.


Now you want to work from the centre, twisting tightly across until you have something that looks like this.



Next, its time to get the glue gun out (or pritt stick if your using that instead) odds are you won’t need any glue, once you’ve folded  your tassel in half, you’ll find the twist is strong enough to hold a hoop on its own, if however it doesn’t, you can use a dab of glue to secure it.




Now, grab your string and thread your tassel on.



Finally, repeat the last six steps again, until you’ve tasselled up all of the pre-cut sheets, before starting on your other colours. Once all your tassels are made up you can have a play around, decided which order you’d like your colours to be in.




I’ve gone for these neutral yet luxurious gold, cream, copper combination. I did originally want to add a pop of colour with some mustard tassels, but the tissue paper still hasn’t arrived.. I’m more than happy with this beautiful combination though. A lovely handmade touch to my craft room. All for £6.03 (the cost of the tissue paper – with lots left over to make more).





The little woman pretends.



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