DIY Radiator cover.

Happy first day of Autumn! I know I’ve been banging on about it over my past few posts, but I really am so excited for these chilly days and cosy nights. Not to mention the holidays (Yep, I have spent a pretty penny on halloween decorations already!) Anyway, The beginning of Autumn means the heating will start going back on. Thinking of this reminded me about the awful radiator taking up an entire wall in our living room. Its the first thing you see when you come in the room and I wanted to cover it. One (of the many) stupid things around our house is the heights of our radiators, for some reason they’re fitted about 3″ higher than standard radiators, meaning that the ready made covers just don’t fit.

I mentioned back in one of my earlier Living room post, how we was either going to have a bespoke one made up, or try it ourself. Well… of course we had a go at making up one ourself!



First, was drafting up my plan. I knew what I wanted (kind of) and I knew how to do it (kind of) so off we popped to my favourite project supply shop Savoy Timber. Once there Sam (I leave him to do the ordering whilst I stroll around finding more DIY supplies that I don’t really need. I’d very  kindly given him a list of every piece & size we needed, meaning we’d end up with everything pre-cut. Its way easier and since we got the chickens I don’t feel right taking out the mitre saw. They look terrified at the sight of it. Ha ha. Altogether it came to around £20 – give or take a couple of quid. For both the MDF & mini screws.

So, once home. It was time to begin jigsawing those pieces together. Which was actually way easier than you’d think. We used brackets to secure everything together, wood glue didn’t seem the right choice considering it will spend 6+ months boiling hot every year. And securing them with pegs would be way more work than necessary.




Once the main frame had been put together, it was time to fit the screens. I had decided long before drawing anything up that I wanted slats, not one of those patterned screens. The plan was to basically just screw in some slats, lengthways across each half of the radiator cover. In theory it worked wonderfully, in reality not so well, the gaps between each slat was far too big, it barely covered the radiator, making the whole project kind of useless. Not wanting to go back to Savoy, we decided to layer up those slats, decreasing the size in-between each one and giving a shutter style. It worked perfectly and we didnt need to buy anymore mdf.




Once the shutter type screens had been fitted, the whole thing could be lifted and fixed to the wall.


Next came the risky bit. The part I wasn’t sure was going to look stupid, the part that sam insisted was stupid. Adding the drawers. Which are actually fake. completely. I wasn’t going to faff around making up four drawers for 20cm worth of drawer space. But, I wanted it to look cabinet like, rather than a standard radiator cover. So I rounded of the corners (With a sander) of four 1/4″ mdf rectangles & stuck them on.



Finally, the time had come to try out my lovely paint. Rustoleoum in Ink blue. Dark & moody, a beautiful alternative to the bright white tv unit.



I really didnt think this part of the project through, and within minutes had made quite the mess of the radiator behind. I tried to stuff paper behind the slats to limit the mess until I finally gave in and un-fastened the cover from the wall and took it outside where it was MUCH easier to paint up.



Finally, it was time to add the finishing touch, the handles. I actually bought these about three months ago, convinced they had a place in my living room some how. turns out this is how.



And that was that. ready to bring back inside, fix back to the wall and stick the top back on.



Finally, I could fancy it up a little with some lovely new bits, and sit back to admire another successful project. Cosy Autumn here we come.



And like always with any home project, here’s my list of whats left to do in this room:

  • Fit magnet catch -ers to the TV unit doors. (2/3 so far, I’m expecting to have it finished by Christmas.)
  • Replace the skirting board. (Fit, calk and paint them)
  • Replace the door frames. (Same as above.)
  • Repaint both doors.
  • Fit new plate over high plug socket near the sofa.
  • Make/Buy radiator cover. – We haven’t decided yet, our radiators are ridiculously high, so ‘standard’ covers don’t fit.
  • Make/buy cushions for the sofa – It already holds 11, but it just isn’t enough! I NEED MORE!
  • Find something to go on both the bottom shelves of the TV unit.
  • Replace back door. (This is a way way down the line project for when we actually own the house *still in deposit saving phase*)
  • Find new light for the ceiling.


Thats another three ticked of the list. Not bad.

Happy first day of Autumn.


The little woman pretends.




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