DIY: Autumn twig wreath.


I first tried this project back when I lived in Germany, using the array of bushes and trees we had in our garden. Its so simple and cheap, also makes you wonder why the ones in the shops are so expensive.

Once we moved back to the UK I cherished it even more, knowing I could bring a little part of our German life back with us. That was until I came home one day to find Sam had thrown it after seeing a few of the twigs had come loose. It still bugs me that he threw it, knowing I could have just re-threaded them.

Anyway, here I am having another go, showing you just how easy it is too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Twigs, take into account length when picking them, they’re going to be bent round into a circle, so not too small. They also need to be striped of leaves.
  • Cable ties, I’ve gone with the smaller ones, they’re easiest to hide.
  • Ribbon. *This is completely optional*



And heres what you need to do.

First, grab a few of your de-leafed twigs, join the ends, crossing them over one another and use a cable tie, secure them.


Now, grabbing another twig, start to weave it fairly loosely throughout the twig circle.


Continue the last step over until you have your desired size wreath. the main thing to remember here is you don’t want them pulled tightly against each other. Just weave loosely. Also, you don’t want a flimsy looking thing, so remember to work inwards when adding new twigs, rather than on the outer circle. This will give a lovely fullness.


Now you can use your remaining cable ties to fasten back any of the stiffer twig ends. The finer more flexible twig ends can be tucked away. don’t forget to clip off the ends from the cable ties to neaten it up.



Finally you can either hook your wreath up as it is, or fasten a nice little ribbon around it. These are ideal for Autumn/Winter decorations. You can personalise more by adding acorns and leaves for a real Autumnal feel, adding sparkly string beads for christmas or spraying black for halloween, the possibilities are endless.





Easy as that.



The little woman pretends.

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