DIY art, Friends binge & raising independent kids. #Little loves

Its been a whole month since my last #Littleloves post. I had hoped to squeeze another one in, but there’s just not been time. however with it being valentines week, I just knew it had to be time for a post all about the little things I love. Its been a fairly relaxed week really, what with it being half term, its always the same when the kids are on holiday, I’m a little less forceful with my own routine and I’m just all around less of a busy body. anyway, so this its whats been going on with my week.


I am STILL reading ‘I am am pilgrim’ STILL! Its been a whole month since I started and I’m about 600 pages in. In my absolute defence I’ve only been reading it at bedtimes, and some nights I’m asleep as soon s my head hits the pillow. So that’ll explain why I’m not finished yet. I am enjoying it, its just reallllllyyyyyy long. When I eventually do finish it though, my next book will be ‘Yes man’ – Danny Wallace. Which is the book version of the only Jim Carrey film I like. I’ve heard it is hilarious to read, it’ll be a welcome relief from the very heavy reading I’m currently doing.



Like pretty much everyone, I was overjoyed to see ‘Friends’ arrive on Netflix. Obviously I set about binge watching it straight away. Currently near the end of series 5 and I’ve enjoyed every single second. In fact one of my favourite things to do, is just flop on the bed with a snack and watch a couple of episodes. I love ‘Friends’. I just love it. My favourite bit is when Joeys fridge breaks, when he pushes ross into it to try and blame him for it breaking. Honestly, it makes me laugh so loud every time. Whats your favourite bit?




I’m so sad when it comes to music, though I’ll come across new songs I like, I generally like to just listen to my old favourites over and over again. One of my most favourite albums – ever – is The killers, Sam’s Town. It came out the year before I left school (2006) and I pretty much haven’t stopped listening to it, with this week being no exception! I’ve LOVED the killers ever since I first saw them on The O.C… you remember the episode dont you?! Hot fuss is I think one of the greatest first albums ever realised! it truly was a dream come true to see them live last year, Brandon Flowers is just a GOD! Anyway, Sams town, if you haven’t listened to it, do. Incredible album! favourite song off it? Very close tie between Reasons unknown and Read my mind, but I’ll go with the latter. Belting that song out at the top of my lungs as Brandon sang it in Manchester last year was up there as one of my all time favourite moments.



So this week I’ve been finishing off the bedroom makeover, ready for the big reveal on Monday. One of the things I had to make was some sort of art for over the bed. The attempt for the living room turned out well, so I just figured I’d do that again (post is here for anyone that wants to take a look.) Well, I have to say, it turned out wonderfully! I’m actually more in love with it than the one for the living room. I had a very specific colour pallet in mind, something very calming but not bland. Sneak peek here. You’ll be able to see the full reveal on Monday if you’re interested.



This week, I’m really trying to step it up a gear with my workouts. I was far too relaxed last week. working out started off as a way for me to release tension and just balance out my crazy little brain, but now I’m kind of into it. The change on my body – considering it was never my goal to lose anything – has been incredible. One of my favourite things to do, is to run. I mainly run for clarity, but I’ve found myself getting a little bit competitive. I want to beat myself, effort, distance. everything. And well my old trainers just weren’t up to the challenge. I upgraded with these super comfortable – yet supportive sketchers. First run in them gave me the usual twinges when I change my running shoes, but ever since then its been heaven. my knee’s and hips are feeling much ore cushioned. So yeah, these are pretty much what I’ve been wearing this week.



And lastly…

This week has been half-term! How you other parents managing? We’ve been alright actually. My plan for this week was to force the kids to be a little more independent. They have this thing where they just come to me for everything – without for one second asking themselves if they can find/do/get it on their own. Its completely my own fault. But this week I wanted to just step back a little bit. Its actually going really well! I’m feeling very much less like an overworked mum! even with them being stuck to my hip 24-7.



So thats it for my #Littleloves this month. I will try at some point do more than one a month, but for now I think this is all I’ll be able to fit in.

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Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


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  1. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    Oh I love Friends too and have just rematched the whole series. My absolute fav part is where Ross has his teeth whitened! I absolute die of laughter every time! Our half term starts today and I’m really looking forward to just doing not a lot really 🙂 Have a great weekend x #LittleLoves

  2. Kara
    Kara says:

    Oh that sneak peek looks amazing, I have a plan for something similar for above our bed if I ever get our bedroom done.

    I totally get the lack of kids doing things for themselves, I am trying hard to make mine grow up a little too.

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Haha oh keep pushing to get it done, I left mine for ao long and now its just like a piece of heaven! So glad I’m not on my on my own with the kids, its tough trying to find that balance of needing them to be a little more independent but not wanting to give them too much responsibility x

  3. Stacie
    Stacie says:

    I’ve just finished a book that seemed to take me forever to read. But, just picked up another and flying through it! We’ve just had half term and it’s been lovely – busy, but lovely. Your wall art looks amazing, did you make that?! Love the colour scheme! Enjoy your weekend xx

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      omg doesn’t it just! I dont usually have an issue with ditching books half way through if they’re just not doing it for me. But I’m enjoying it, I want to know what happens. its juts taking so long to get there! ha ha. Thank you I did! So easy to do, there’s a link in this post. somewhere giving all the details on how I did it. x

  4. Mum Reinvented
    Mum Reinvented says:

    I love Friends. It’s the one show I can watch hundreds of times (which I’m pretty sure I have now) and just never tire of. Love the wall art. My moody teen just made something similar actually but I love the colour of yours so I may direct her to your post on how to do it and get her working on one for me. Have a great week! x

  5. Morgana
    Morgana says:

    Oh I do love Friends! My favourite has to be the one when Ross wears leather trousers. It makes me cry with laughter every time.
    Well done on upped your fitness game, I’m super impressed with your drive and motivation. I could do with a bit of that myself! x


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