DIY Arrow wall art.



Last weekend I gave the gallery wall going up the stairs a bit of an overhaul – blog post here, if you missed it- There are still a few little gaps that need filling, and with so many frames already up there I wanted to fill them with something different. I’ve been scouring the internet, keeping an eye out when I go shopping, but nothing has really jumped out at me yet. Until I saw a placard printed with arrows, I liked it, it goes with one of the smaller prints up there. But I thought of one better, one that would fit the slope of the stairs perfectly. An actual wooden arrow. There are quite a few ready made tutorials up on Pinterest, but I kind of already had an idea of what I wanted, I also wanted to use anything I already had around the house… so its made from two old bed pallets.


Here’s what else I used. 

2x leftover bed pallets planks.

glue gun


wood stain

copper spray paint

*obviously the last three are completely optional, you decorate it up however you want.*


And here’s what I did. 

First, I sketched out some triangles (for the head of the arrow) on some paper, I cut them out and had a little play around, until they fitted together nicely. I did this around three times to get the right size head, I wanted my arrow to be 70cm in length, the length of the middle had to keep in proportion with the head and the wings. It was a little fiddly, but the hardest bit.

Once I had my paper triangles, I traced round them straight onto the wooden planks. My whole plan for the arrow was to have a little rustic, so perfectly drawn lines wasn’t necessary. If you want to go for a more geometric, clean cut version, you’ll have to put a little more effort into keeping everything perfectly straight. As well as the triangles I needed a long strip which would be the body and two wings.



Next it was time to pass over my planks to Sam. I can’t use a saw, certainly not a high powered one that could cut my fingers of in a millisecond. We did have my first lesson in building up the confidence to use it on my own though, I pressed the button to turn it on. Thats as far as I can go right now! ha.




Now I had all of the pieces needed, It was tine to stick them together. Because i’m using such a lightweight wood, my trusty hot glue gun is fine. If it was a heavier wood something stronger would be needed.

I played around with the triangles until they fitted together nicely.



I glued down the edges that would be joined together, quickly slotting them together before the glue had chance to dry.




Next, I glued one end of the body to the bottom of the triangle.



And set my half finished arrow to the side, taking out the two pieces that would make my wings. I used a chisel to chip of some of the wood down the sides, giving a  more rustic look and scored some lines at a horizontal angle down the wings.




Then I glued them either side of the bottom of the arrow body.



And thats the arrow made. Now its time to decorate. My arrow is going up on the gallery wall in the hallway, so I decided on a dark wood stain, paired with some touches of copper.








Next, I added some string around the bottom of the body, I love this little bit of texture. It adds to the rustic vibe.




I added string to the back of the arrow, so I could hang it. And my arrow is done!



Hanging nicely in its place. Not bad considering it was a couple of pieces of scrap wood, a little effort, really can transform anything.




The little woman pretends.









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