Decking our halls.

Its official. Its Christmas!!! December 1st (or maybe a few days before – it takes me that long now!) is the day our house is trimmed up with all that glitters. Every year, round about the second week of November i’m having to fight an ongoing battle not become one of *those* people that puts their decorations up so early. Some years, i’ve given in and had the up earlier, but It ruins the Christmas spirit and I’m usually in a rush to get them all down a couple of days after Christmas. No, I like my Christmas spirit condensed.

The twinkling of the fairy lights on a cold winter night, gives me that tickle of contentment in my stomach. That is what Christmas is all about, and why its one of my favourite times of the year. This year, i’ve gone a bit mad on new decorations, in my absolute defence this year we also built the giant new TV unit – that needed decorations, we also overhauled the kitchen – so that obviously needed a boost of Christmas spirit too! Here’s how its all lookin….



So thats it. The festive season is finally upon us. Its now all about christmas crafts, a glass of wine and present wrapping, christmas songs and so much excitement as the big day nears. Happy 1st December!!!


The little woman pretends.

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