Christmas Traditions.

Like most families, we have our own Christmas traditions. Ours mainly centres around Christmas eve. Christmas day is jam packed with family and so Christmas eve is our night, just the four of us. This is why every year, we (I) prepare a christmas eve box. I’ve seen just how popular these have become, and so I thought I’d share whats in mine this year.


  • New Pyjamas. Obviously. – All matching, not always a necessity, but OMG so adorable!
  • Something to eat, a little Chocolate, popcorn,  general snacks for the evening.
  • Something to watch. x2 A film to watch with the children and then something for Sam and myself to watch once they’ve gone to bed. I haven’t put ours in the box because we already own it. Love actually. Its always our Christmas eve movie.
  • Something to play. This year… Buckaroo!
  • Lush Christmas Bath bomb. The girls love a lush bath.
  • Hot chocolate supplies. You can find everything you would need for the best hot chocolate here.


Christmas eve is our time, we play games, watch movies, snack to our hearts content, as well as taking our annual Christmas eve family photo. I’m really looking forward to this years photo, my skills have grown so much since last year, so I’m expecting a clear & cosy photo.

On Christmas Day we start off the same way. Stockings poured out over the bed, downstairs for breakfast and straight into present opening. I usually put the Turkey in to Slow roast round about 9 am, and the rest of the morning is spent wading through packaging and trying to find the 80+ batteries needed for toys. Ha. Round about Mid- day the In-laws come round, we share more presents and spend the afternoon full of festive cheer before a very hearty Christmas dinner and once dinner is over I almost cry actual tears of joy at the sight of a crisp, cool glass of Rose.

The evening is very relaxed, a combination of tiredness and fullness, we’ll catch up on some Christmas specials TV and revel in the Christmas cheer.


Boxing Day. Ah Boxing Day. This is the day I get to rock up to my dads house, hand out gifts, I get to eat without having to cook, I get to drink wine whilst my family watch the girls. Boxing Day is a very special day. This year will be no different. On the 26th you’ll be able to find me lounging around in my dads house, glass of wine in one hand, plate of turkey sandwiches in the other.

That. Is what Christmas is all about.

I’m intrigued to know what your Christmas traditions are? Is there something you just have to do every year?


The little woman pretends.

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