Rocky road Christmas pudding.

On monday I put up my rather elaborate Christmas day food plan. On the dessert table menu was a rocky road christmas pudding. I make this ever year, out of the 6-8 people (not including the children) only two of those like actual christmas pudding. For the rest of us there’s this. Its a great … [Read more…]

Hosting Christmas day.

When we lived out of the country, our Christmas’s were quiet, too quite. I yearned for a full house, tables of food, family all around. I’m a hostess, any major holiday and I’m on it, I live for these things. So this christmas, just like the last two, we’re hosting christmas dinner at our house. … [Read more…]

The worlds BEST hot chocolate.

I’m going to confess something rather shocking… I dont like Hot chocolate. *Gasp* I just dont, I dont like chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake or chocolate milkshake either, give me an actual bar of chocolate though and i’m happy as larry. Wierd eh. You’re probably wondering why as someone that doesnt like hot chocolate am … [Read more…]

Double Chocolate millionaires shortbread.

Today i’m back with another mouthwateringly good recipe. Double chocolate millionaires shortbread. A layer of buttery shortbread, topped with fudgey caramel, finished off with a smooth double chocolate layer. Perfection in one slice. It is really simple to make, certainly not quick though, but the majority of time in-between starting and getting to eat it … [Read more…]

Homemade cold remedy.

‘Tis the season… for cold and flu. Especially if you’ve got little ones at school or nursery. Germs breed amongst children, and then they multiply in your home before infecting everyone else, leaving you to look after everyone whilst still suffering – Ahh don’t you just love winter. Well… suffer no more, with this all … [Read more…]

Cheesy pull-apart bread.

I’ve seen these floating about looking all cheesy and delicious, so I finally decided to have a go at making some pull apart bread, making my own little tweaks. This stuff, is the absolute bomb – as long as you’re a cheese lover that is! Which I most definitely am. So, i’m going to stop … [Read more…]

Homemade butter.

I’m all about the basics, whether its sharing my little tweaks to make quality homemade british classics, or simplifying it all with a basic recipe. Today I’m going way back to the very basic of know hows, homemade butter. Butter is used in all baking and most dishes, its been used for thousands of years. … [Read more…]

Cheesecake brownies.

    As with every week Wednesday was bake off day. Word seems to be spreading amongst friends that I make treats at this time of week, and so we had a few extra visitors to settle down and stuff our faces with my sweet treats, while watching GBBO. Knowing I was having a few … [Read more…]