Homemade crumpets.

I for some reason, always thought crumpets where super hard to make. I had no idea what they where made from, what made them have all those little pockets ready for filling with silky melted butter. *Drool* If you can’t tell they’re one of my favourite things. Food wise on the blog at the minute, … [Read more…]

Homemade Yorkshire puddings.

I was supposed to get this up last weekend, but I forgot. Anyway, its here now and so you’ll never ever have to buy frozen Yorkshire puddings again. *Horraay* So cracking on with the worlds easiest recipe. Here’s what you’ll need: 130ml of milk – Whole milk works best I think. 3 eggs 200 – … [Read more…]

A week of Lean in 15.

The headline might be slightly misleading, I enjoy carbs. A life without bread and cheese, isn’t one I want to be a part of. But I have been putting in a whole load of effort in at the gym recently and so I wanted to maybe cut down on those foods that are preventing me … [Read more…]

7 recipes for leftover easter eggs.

Easter weekend is over, *sob* For the majority of households, this means you’ll have some area of your house holding an abundance of unopened easter eggs. You can either nibble them throughout the months of April and May until all that chocolate has gone, or you can get your bake on and use it all up … [Read more…]

Sweet & sticky cinnamon buns.

  It’s half term and as well as it being freezing cold outside, i’ve been struck with a cold. So the fun days out I had planned whilst the girls are off have been limited. Mischa loves to bake and not really wanting to leave the house for supplies, I had a good root around … [Read more…]

Hazelnut & Chocolate Shortbread sandwich.

  Its Valentines day on Sunday -just in case you forgot!- And nothing says Valentine’s day like chocolate, or these mouthwateringly good hazelnut and chocolate love heart biscuits to be more exact. Silky melted chocolate sandwiched between buttery, hazelnut shortbread biscuits, topped with..  yep, you guessed it. More chocolate. There is no lovelier present to give … [Read more…]

Apple & Blackberry Rice pudding.

  Why is it STILL Winter?! It feels like its been years since we’ve had clear blue skies, days where we don’t need jackets, long warm afternoons filled with beach trips and endless ice creams. *Sigh* Anyway, seen as its colder than ever and we have yet another storm apparently on its way to freeze … [Read more…]

Raspberry & White chocolate loaf cake.

Today it’s Izzy’s birthday! My baby turns three (how the hell did that happen?!) But I prepared this cake yesterday for her to take into nursery this morning and I just knew it was something to share with you all. Its completely un-seasonal, really its a recipe post to be shared in the summer, what with … [Read more…]